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Ericsson Consumer Report: American Consumers Look to ICT Innovations for Climate Change Adaptation


According to the Ericsson ConsumerLab report, American consumers are of the opinion that innovative ICT products and services will assist them in coping with climate change. The report highlights trends that early adopters of technology anticipate in the coming decade in response to climate-related challenges.
The report reveals that climate change is already a concern for most Americans, with eight out of ten early adopters expecting global temperatures to rise by 1.5°C in the 2030s. Over half of the consumers believe that technological innovations will play a crucial role in helping them adjust to a world with more limited resources and energy.
To reduce energy costs, US consumers are seeking innovative solutions that will help them use energy more efficiently. Over 80 percent of consumers predict that personal electricity consumption monitors will be available, and almost half say they would personally use them to track their energy use. Consumers also believe that connected recipe assistants, AI-powered food price optimizers, and apps that notify them when food is discounted will be in use in the future to help reduce grocery bills.
Consumers predict that there will be a mindset shift in how they plan their day-to-day lives. They expect to consider fluctuating energy costs instead of time efficiency. Consumers also anticipate personalized weather warning systems, AI-powered investment in green technologies, and smart signal locators to help them stay connected during disruptive events.
The report also suggests that consumers will increasingly use AI and AR/VR to schedule their optimal workday, find alternative digital items, and prevent unnecessary purchases. About 40 percent of consumers want to use a virtual travel service to enjoy the outdoors.