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Enviva Forest Conservation Fund Aims To Protect The Environment Through ‘$5 Million’ Grant


Enviva introduces a “$5 million” conservation fund under Enviva Forest Conservation Fund, for preserving regional forests and sensitive environmental zones.

Dailycsr.com – 11 December 2015 – Enviva Holdings, LP has made an official announcement of its “Enviva Forest Conservation Fund”. Enviva Holdings is the “largest producer of wood pellets” in the world, which has launched a “$5 million” fund through a ten year project as part of the “Enviva Forest Conservation Fund”.
The said programme aims to “protect tens of thousands of acres of bottomland forests in northeast North Carolina and southeast Virginia”. The EFCF is under the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities’ administration, which is will issuing similar grant amounts to the non-profit organisations for permanently protecting the “ecologically sensitive areas” along with conserving “working forests”.
Presently, the forest conservation fund will look into the Virginia-North Carolina coastal plain which homes “three wood pellet production facilities” along with a “deep-water marine terminal” of Enviva, while the C.E.O cum the chairman of Enviva, John Keppler said:
“With the launch of the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund, Enviva will work with leading conservation organizations to identify areas of special concern and provide grants to permanently conserve thousands of acres of this forestland. Enviva has always believed there are special places in the forest that should remain so. For instance, we have never harvested nor have we accepted wood from old growth forests.”
Furthermore, he continued by adding:
“Although we are small – in 2014 our entire industry accounted for less than one-tenth of one percent of America’s forest inventory – as a young company in a new field, we want to be known for always doing the right thing. We are deeply committed to keeping America’s working forests healthy and growing, and protecting our forests for our families and future generations. That’s what the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund is all about.”
Moreover, EFCF has also taken up stewardship for “two bottomland forest” expanding Enviva’s commitment towards protecting regional forests and sensitive natural environments. While Keppler comments:
“The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund’s grants and Enviva’s enhanced sustainable practices will protect and conserve forests and provide working, bottomland forest owners with markets which will keep these forests as forests. The commitments we are making today are unique in our industry and we are proud to lead on these important issues. Our program will deliver tangible environmental and economic benefits to Virginia and North Carolina.”
The C.E.O cum the president of the Endowment, Carlton N. Owen stated:
“Southern forests help clean our water, shield us from storms, and serve as home to many species of wildlife, while at the same time providing jobs and economic opportunity for rural families and private landowners. The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund will permanently protect some of the most sensitive bottomland forests in Virginia and North Carolina and will improve the sustainable management of others. We are especially pleased to be working with Enviva to advance these important goals.”
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s former administrator, William K. Reilly, who is also an “independent board member of Enviva Partners” for the “Health, Safety, Sustainability and Environment Committee”, informed:
“Enviva’s investment in environmental stewardship will help conserve the sensitive forest areas of North Carolina and Virginia. These steps will help preserve biodiversity in sensitive areas, conserve special forests where Enviva works, and continue to provide economic opportunities for the communities Enviva serves.”
About the Enviva Forest Conservation Fund, Owen said:
“The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund will be particularly appealing to landowners because it provides them a financially attractive alternative to selling their land for development or converting it to other uses. Many have owned their land for generations and want to keep it in forest cover. The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund will help make this possible.”