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Environmental And Economic Collaboration For Sustainable Growth


TD Banking Group works to provide a “future with liveable, resilient communities”.

Dailycsr.com – 10 June 2019 – In the year of 2015, 170 countries came together and signed an agreement to limit the average global temperature rise below two degree Celsius. The “2°C” has been marked as a “critical threshold” in the “the Paris Climate Conference”. Even though, some progress can be seen in the collective effort to curb global warming within the following three years, the U.N. has stated that countries need to “triple their current efforts” if the desired goal has to be achieved.
Moreover, sixty percent of North Americans see climate change as “an urgent issue” which needs immediate action. However, most are of the opinion that there needs to be a balance between “environmental action and economic factors”.
In fact, TD Bank Group seems to echo the same thought as they “envision a future where the environment and economy work together in a sustainable way to support economic growth and empower people to feel confident about their financial health and well-being. A future with liveable, resilient communities”.
TD Bank Group is helping in the “transition to a low-carbon economy” for which it has set forth an aid target of “$100 billion by 2030” which it will distribute through “lending, financing, asset management and other programs”.
If you want more information, kindly visit the “2018 Environmental, Social and Governance Report” of TD Bank Group by clicking on the link provided below: