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Entergy's Pro Bono Program: Empowering Communities Through Legal Aid | 2023 Achievements


Entergy's performance report provides a comprehensive overview of our accomplishments in 2023, encompassing financial results alongside economic, environmental, governance, and social performance and impacts.
Regarding our pro bono program, Entergy's legal team offers valuable assistance to community members through various free legal services. In 2018, we pioneered the creation of a dedicated role for pro bono counsel, setting a precedent in the U.S. corporate landscape.
Over the past decade, our legal department employees have dedicated nearly 21,000 hours to pro bono services, equating to a substantial $5.6 million in-kind contribution to our communities. In 2023 alone, our legal professionals contributed over 1,600 hours of pro bono work.
Our attorneys collaborate with legal aid nonprofits to provide free legal advice and representation across a spectrum of issues, including but not limited to life-planning documentation for first responders, FEMA claims post-natural disasters, veterans' benefits access, family law matters, post-conviction relief for survivors of domestic violence, and support for nonprofits, minority-owned, and women-owned small businesses.
One notable instance in 2023 involved the Entergy team assisting an Afghan refugee family in securing U.S. immigration asylum. Fleeing their homeland amid geopolitical upheaval, the family faced the threat of returning to a dangerous situation in Afghanistan. Collaborating with Home is Here and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, Entergy's legal professionals dedicated over 250 hours to guide the family through the immigration process, including representation during rigorous asylum interviews, all without charge.
The family received official approval for asylum in July 2023, granting them the opportunity to safely rebuild their lives and pursue U.S. citizenship.
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