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Entergy’s Operation Secret Santa: Empowering Lives through Holiday Bill Assistance


Entergy recently brought holiday joy through their yearly project known as “Operation Secret Santa.” Fortunate customers who were first in line at our Canal Street Customer Care Center had their bills covered by Santa and The Power to Care, a component of our program assisting those with low income.

The custom of “Operation Secret Santa” was initiated in 2014 when Entergy New Orleans observed customers braving the cold to settle their bills before the festive season. From that point, we have given over $60,000 in aid for utility bill payments to unsuspecting customers. This effort enables customers to concentrate on their loved ones and festive customs without the stress of their monthly utility bills.

“Operation Secret Santa captures the essence of the festive season and significantly impacts our customers’ lives,” stated Deanna Rodriguez, the president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans. “By alleviating the stress of utility bills through The Power to Care, we can spread happiness and provide peace of mind to those who need it.”

Through Entergy’s The Power to Care initiative, local non-profit organizations, employees, and kind-hearted customers across our service area have contributed to providing emergency bill payment assistance to elderly adults and customers with disabilities when they needed it most. Since its inception in 2008, The Power to Care has generated over $50 million, aiding more than 250,000 customers.

As the holiday season approaches, we can persist in empowering the lives of our neighbors in need and make a difference. With your backing, we can alleviate some of our customers’ concerns who need it the most by ensuring their power stays on during these chilly winter months.