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Entergy's $19.8 Billion Investment Plan: Enhancing Customer Experience and Resilience


Addressing the dynamic demands of our clientele remains at the forefront of our strategic vision. Over the forthcoming three years, we are committed to allocating approximately $19.8 billion towards enhancing customer experiences. Our investment strategy is tailored to foster substantial growth and capitalize on emerging opportunities, including:
  • Leveraging the advantageous position of the Gulf region to drive robust industrial sales, propelled by geopolitical shifts and initiatives such as the Federal Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Capitalizing on the trends in data center, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to not only spur growth but also diversify our customer portfolio.
  • Undertaking a transition towards clean energy to support expansion efforts and align with our customers' objectives for decarbonization, specifically targeting the reduction or elimination of scope 2 and scope 1 emissions.
  • Enhancing the reliability and resilience of our infrastructure to minimize disruptions during adverse weather conditions.
Moreover, our comprehensive capital plan spanning three years encompasses substantial investments in the enhancement of our transmission and distribution energy delivery network. These endeavors are aimed at accommodating customer growth, elevating reliability, and fortifying resilience to enhance overall customer satisfaction. Our initiatives include modernizing and expanding the system with new lines and substations, implementing targeted upgrades, integrating self-healing technology, and reinforcing asset durability. All new additions to our grid will adhere to the latest standards of resiliency.
Entergy's operating companies propose a long-term plan of $15 billion aimed at mitigating restoration costs and minimizing risks associated with major storms. This plan incorporates a $2.1 billion investment over the next three years to expedite resilience measures. We remain adaptable to regulatory approvals, adjusting our plans accordingly as resilience projects gain authorization.
While our focus remains steadfast on fortifying power generation, transmission, and distribution systems, we recognize the imperative of amplifying investments within our region to furnish the resilience demanded by our customers and communities.
Resilience stands as an intrinsic element of the Gulf Coast and Entergy ethos. Following the adversities witnessed in 2020 and 2021, our commitment to fortifying the electrical infrastructure in the Gulf South has been further amplified. To enhance reliability, we concentrate on proactive asset management to mitigate risks associated with aging and wear. Concurrently, our efforts to bolster resilience involve collaborative endeavors with regulators and customers, encompassing investments in hardened assets, technological advancements, and elevated design standards to effectively withstand and rebound from storms, fires, and other potential threats, whether physical or cyber in nature.