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Entergy Mississippi's Centennial: Community Impact and Energy Efficiency Initiatives


At the beginning of 2023, Entergy Mississippi established an ambitious objective for itself. Commemorating its century of service to the state, the theme of 'the power of 100' became the driving force behind its community engagement and volunteer initiatives. Launching its centennial celebrations, the company collaborated with local partners to provide nutritious meals to families in need and distribute energy efficiency kits to assist customers in reducing their power consumption and bills.
A year later, employees proudly surpassed their target of delivering 100,000 meals to families across their service region in collaboration with Extra Table. Volunteers enthusiastically packed meals at significant events for both Entergy Mississippi and the nonprofit organization. They also collected essential items and supplies for customers affected by the devastating March tornadoes in the Mississippi Delta and gathered nearly 500 jars of peanut butter to support food pantries statewide.
The influence of 'the power of 100' extended to communities throughout Mississippi with the assistance of organizations like Boss Lady Workforce Development Inc., New Horizon Ministries, Southwest Mississippi Opportunity, Mississippi Food Network, Gateway Rescue Mission, Stewpot Community Services, and We Will Go. Employees collaborated with these community groups to serve over 3,150 meals.
Haley Fisackerly, president and CEO of Entergy Mississippi, emphasized the company's commitment to caring for its customers and the communities where its employees reside and work. She stated, “We believe in taking care of our customers and the communities we serve – where our employees also live and work. We must give back to our neighbors, in order to power Mississippi for generations to come.”
In 2023, Entergy Mississippi employees devoted 18,792 hours to 120 volunteer events across the service area, exceeding the previous year's record by more than 800 hours. The value of their community service equated to $597,596 worth of hours contributed.
Given 2023's record-breaking heat, the company provided tools to customers who needed to consume more power to stay cool, aiding in reducing their energy bills. Entergy Mississippi distributed over 25,000 energy efficiency kits during the centennial celebrations. These kits, which contain user-friendly, cost-saving products, along with online resources, can potentially save customers up to $300 annually on energy expenses.
“I can’t thank our employees enough for the enthusiasm they have for volunteering,” said Valarie Mabry, public affairs analyst. Mabry manages Entergy Mississippi’s volunteerism efforts.
“Our 100th anniversary will be remembered as a remarkable year for the company because of the collaborative spirit our employees brought to the organizations in which we partnered. That attitude is what made all of this possible!”