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Entergy Director Betina Brandon Honored at Southern University, Mentors Named for Scholars Program


Last month, leaders and mentors from Entergy convened at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to interact with students participating in the Entergy Scholars Program. This gathering reflects Entergy's ongoing collaboration with the university, initiated in 2018 through a $2 million contribution aimed at enhancing student achievement. 

The Entergy Scholars Program is tailored to provide college sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in engineering with practical career skills crucial for early employment prospects. Over a six-week period, participants undergo an intensive training regimen geared towards facilitating internships or securing full-time positions post-graduation. 

Throughout the event, student scholars engaged in discussions with their mentors regarding professional growth, while university officials underscored the mutual benefits stemming from the partnership. Mentors within the program serve as more than just industry advisors; they offer guidance on various aspects of career development, including goal setting, problem-solving, decision-making, and effective communication through role-playing exercises. Additionally, they furnish recommendations for accessing professional networking opportunities. 

The event also provided an opportunity to honor Rosalyn Howard, Entergy's program manager, for her instrumental role in conceiving and implementing the Entergy Scholars Program. Howard's vision for the initiative revolved around augmenting students' readiness for the workforce and forging meaningful connections between leaders and students to bolster local community engagement. 

"When I was developing the Entergy Scholars Program, my ultimate goal was to create a program to enhance career readiness skills for future talent who could potentially support the workforce in the communities we serve. I envisioned leaders mentoring students to provide valuable insights and offering professional advice from their own experiences," said Howard. 

"It's also an opportunity to connect students with alumni for support. We want students who are focused, inspired and equipped to enter the workforce." 

Betina Brandon, Entergy’s director of talent pipeline and workforce development, was recognized with the prestigious Southern University Hall of Fame Award for her significant contributions, unwavering dedication, and steadfast support of the College of Sciences and Engineering. 

The mentors for the 2024 cohort of the Entergy Scholars Program comprise:

  • Taiwan Brown, Vice President of Diversity and Workforce Strategies
  • David DuBey, Vice President of HR Business Partners
  • Amber Lopez, Senior Manager of HR Business Partners
  • Sandra Miller, Vice President of External Affairs
  • Letitia Stewart, Director of Compensation
  • Drew Thompson, Distribution Reliability Manager
  • Chan Tucker, Director of Project Engineering
  • Jason Willis, Vice President of Power Plant Operations

These esteemed leaders are deeply committed to nurturing and empowering the upcoming generation of talent within the industry.

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