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Engage Scales Company’s ‘Social Impact All Under One Roof’ And In Line With SDGs


Engage facilitates social giving in a range of areas, ranging from articulating “a company’s corporate values”, building “buy-in from senior leadership”, bolstering “an authentic corporate culture”, to improving recruitment and retaining efforts, burnishing a brand, inspiring “employees to make a difference” in a fun way, while delivering on “a company’s external promise to be responsible and benefit society as a whole”.

Dailycsr.com – 18 June 2020 – On June 16, 2020, the “America’s Charities and SmartSimple Software Inc.” made an announcement to reveal the launch of “America’s Charities Engage”. The latter was powered by “SmartSimple (‘Engage’)”.
Engage happens to be a CSR solution which engages in “end-to-end giving”, whereby catering to the overall impact created by an organisation in line with the United Nation’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), “the global blueprint for a better world”. Moreover, SmartSimple comes with its cutting edge technology of SaaS while the America’s Charities provide “full-service back-end support”. Likewise, companies get a “completely configurable, tailored solution with unparalleled flexibility” enabling them to be catered to the respective needs of the companies as they grow.
The present launch marks the next step in the collaboration of “America’s Charities and SmartSimple” as both partnered on June 2019 with aim of delivering “more social good”. In the words of the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of America’s Charities, Jim Starr:
“Simply put, businesses with an authentic focus on social good have an edge on their competition. Increasingly, buyers, investors, and others base their decisions on a company’s CSR and philanthropy, especially now as COVID-19 beats a destructive path globally. Likewise, our research shows that a company’s values are a key factor in the hiring process – more than 71 percent of employees say they choose to work for, and stay, at a company because of its culture of giving and alignment with causes that matter to them. Engage’s comprehensive front-end software plus back-end support empowers corporate leaders to bring all of their efforts onto one platform, enabling them to grow their corporate culture, track activities and progress, measure success, report social good, and evolve and expand their programs.”
Here is a list of services that Engage provides in one CSR platform, ranging from social giving to engagement and philanthropy, as mentioned by America’s Charities:
  • “Corporate philanthropy and grantmaking
  • “Gift matching
  • “Workplace giving
  • “Employee engagement
  • “Volunteer management
  • “In-kind giving
  • “Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs)
  • “Employee wellness
  • “Tracking SDGs and other company-defined cause goals
  • “Measuring and reporting progress and impact
  • “Developing and sharing results and social good
  • “Identifying areas of growth and evolving programs”
Moreover, Engage is not only a software solution for social giving as it brings the expertise of America’s Charities to organisations with “employee giving and engagement goals with SmartSimple’s proficiency in developing highly configurable, innovative technology solutions via Platform3, its proprietary cloud-based software platform”. At present, it is celebrating its 40th anniversary in pioneering service of corporate “giving and engagement”.
Among the services provided, America’s Charities looks into “all receipt, reconciliation, and distribution of employee-designated donations”. It also provides customised training, “an established funds management infrastructure, charity vetting, a vast library of resources, and multi-channel, on-demand support to corporate leaders and their employees”. While, the chief operating officer as well as the co-founder of SmartSimple, Mike Reid added:
“Engage is the synthesis of two industry leaders that have come together, bringing what they do best to benefit companies, causes, and communities across the planet. Engage is a CSR solution like none the world has ever seen, and one that we badly need if we are to achieve a better world. The UN SDGs are a shared global blueprint for a better world, and we are proud to provide a solution that helps businesses seamlessly align its values and activities with select global goals. Whether you’ve adopted the SDG framework or use your own proprietary CSR framework to guide and focus your philanthropic and CSR efforts, Engage can be tailored to suit your needs.”
Furthermore, Starr also stated:
“The world we live in is changing rapidly and businesses have a social contract – with their stakeholders and workforce – to act responsibly and bring their influence to bear for the greater good. Leaders who want to get out of the weeds and focus on what matters – living their values, building their culture, and making an impact – deserve Engage's flexible, seamless technology platform and the most comprehensive support currently available. We will be there to guide you through every stage of your journey, from site build to launch, from measurement to reporting, and beyond. From employee engagement to grantmaking, Engage is ready for companies that want to scale their social impact all under one roof.”