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Energy Floors Holds “Global Dance Challenge” In A Railway Station Of Netherland


In the occasion of Netherlands, “National Sustainability Day”, the Energy Floor will hold a “Global Dance Challenge” in the railway station of “Utrecht Centraal”.

Dailycsr.com – 05 October 2015 – The celebration of Netherlands’ “National Sustainability Day” will remain a memorable one this year, the “Energy Floors” will be organising “a Global Dance Challenge” that will take place in “Utrecht Centraal”.
The challenge will take place on Friday, the 9th of October 2015, which is usually celebrated as the country’s “National Sustainability Day”. The commuters are invited to join in the “Global Dance Challenge” taking place in the “Utrecht Centraal”. The invitation is extended for taking part in the act of dancing which in turn will generate energy. The energy floors have been designed to extract the power of ‘dance’ and convert the same into electricity. It is a way of “raising awareness on sustainability”.
In fact, the “NPO Radio 2” broadcasting station – 'Het Groene Station' – has already begun to stream live sessions from the railway station from the 5th of October 2015 onwards which is to last till the 9th of October 2015. Likewise, the entire week will see the presence of “Energy Floors”, which will culminate to a grand finish of the “the NPO green week” on the coming Friday night. The “dance challenge” is scheduled to take place “from 6 pm until 11 pm”.
The said technology which is adept at converting “kinetic energy into usable electricity” had made its first appearance in the year of 2007. The Energy Floors had partnered “Delft and Eindhoven Universities of Technology” to experiment with “various options” including “hydraulic system”, piezo electricity, and “thermoelectric conversion”.
However, the team realised that an “electromechanical system” would be the best option as it converts “small vertical movements into a rotating movement” and “drives a generator. Since then, the team of “Energy Floors” has devotedly tried to bring in improvement into their “technology”. Consequently, they have arrived at the present “converting tile” which proves to be the “world’s most efficient energy converting tile”.
With the help of “Rinnic/Vaude Engineering and AEGROUP”, the “Energy Floors” has been able to specialise on the subject, whereby it produces “energy floor modules of the best quality” that gives the “highest energy output in the world” equivalent to “30 Watt per tile”. Moreover, they are also “extreme weather” resistant that provides “extraordinary powers” and comes with the “highest life expectancy”. They can also be fitted in almost “every possible location”.
Talking about the intelligence of their creation, the Energy Floors writes:
“Our Energy Floor modules are an essential part of the Energy Floors Smart Grid. This grid can be used for both efficient power management and diagnostics. The Energy Floors Smart Grid allows for intelligent use of electricity. In order to create a self-sustained energy system, other renewable sources (wind, solar, ..) can be added too. Any energy consuming products can be fed from the grid”.