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Enbridge’s $15,000 Donation Boosts Food Accessibility Programs at Mount Paul CFC Amid Rising Inflation


Enbridge’s $15,000 Donation Boosts Food Accessibility Programs at Mount Paul CFC Amid Rising Inflation
Every Monday and Thursday, precisely at noon, the doors of a modest grey structure situated at the crossroads of Cherry Ave. and Laburnum St. in Kamloops, BC, swing open. A constant flow of individuals enter, directed towards tables set up in a restaurant-like fashion. Welcoming volunteers greet the visitors and serve the day’s meal, which is always fresh and nutritious.

This is a regular occurrence at the Mount Paul Community Food Centre (CFC), where approximately 150 people gather to enjoy lunch. The community meal invites attendees to sit at a pre-arranged table and partake in the day’s meal, all at no cost.

“Food is our means of uniting people. We aim to create a social experience and instill a sense of community,” states Dawn Christie, the Manager at Mount Paul CFC.

Founded in 2017, the Mount Paul CFC is dedicated to food security programs, with the community meal being a part of their food access initiative. They also operate a community pantry for those unable to attend the scheduled community meal, offering frozen soups and smoothies during the week.

The non-profit organization is devoted to improving access to wholesome, healthy foods. Every Tuesday and Thursday, their affordable produce market is open, selling produce at reduced prices.

“Our strategy is centered around providing a community resource that encourages the use of whole foods in growing, cooking, sharing, and learning. It’s an effective way to teach people how to incorporate whole foods into their daily routines,” Christie highlights.

The organization is powered by approximately 200 committed volunteers and five staff members, who dedicate between two to 10 hours a week to support over a dozen programs.
Besides food access programs, Mount Paul CFC also provides food skills and education programs, which include classes on basic cooking skills, food literacy, and gardening.

“People find that this is the place they want come to and once they’re here, they find a vibrant sense of community. They feed off the warm and fuzzy feeling of community involvement. I believe many of our volunteers share the same sentiment, knowing they’re here and giving back to the community,” beams Christie.
Enbridge recently contributed $15,000 to Mount Paul CFC through its Fueling Futures initiative, in an effort to bolster the center’s food accessibility programs. This donation is a reflection of the company’s pledge to support communities in proximity to its operations.

Mount Paul CFC, like many residents in the area, grapples with the challenge of escalating inflation and food prices. However, they remain steadfast in their mission, recognizing that nutritious, whole food is often the first to be sacrificed when financial constraints arise.
 “Our centre is open to those in need of food access, and we have resources available here. Any community member can access our programs in their food security journey with no associated cost, as many times as they require,” said Christie.