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Empowering Youth in STEM: Entergy's Sponsorship of Bayou Regional FIRST Robotics


Entergy took on a leading role as the main sponsor of the Bayou Regional FIRST Robotics Competition, hosted at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana. This annual event, spanning a week, serves not just as a competition but as a yearly celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), pivotal in shaping the future of our youth.
The competition united hundreds of high school students from diverse regions, nationally and globally. Within strict guidelines, with limited time and resources, students were tasked with crafting a team identity, honing teamwork, and building and programming large-scale robots for an intense field game, collaborating with like-minded peers. Described by FIRST Robotics as a simulation of real-world engineering challenges, it offers students unparalleled practical experience.
Before the competition commenced, Cory Ramsel, Entergy’s vice president of marketing sales and customer insights, addressed the audience and announced Entergy's generous contribution of $50,000 to bolster the Bayou Regional's mission of fostering STEM education.
Ramsel expressed Entergy's longstanding support for the Bayou Regional FIRST Robotics Competition, with over $4 million invested in robotics and engineering programs across their operational areas over the past decade. This substantial funding has nurtured innovation and excellence in the region, fueling robotics teams and competitions.
Thanks to Entergy’s backing, teams from Louisiana and Mississippi earned spots in the 2024 world championship competition in Houston.
Entergy's commitment to this competition arises from its dedication to empowering and inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM. Through financial backing and mentorship, Entergy actively contributes to shaping the future workforce, spanning IT specialists, engineers, engineering assistants, and various technicians.
This dedication mirrors Entergy's ongoing mission to cultivate a talent pool poised to drive innovation and success in the realm of STEM, both presently and in the future.

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