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Empowering Women in the Workplace: Mentorship, Confidence, and Career Strategies


In celebration of Women’s History Month 2024, Sands is spotlighting women integral to the company’s achievements, embodying its ethos of professional development and progress. Lipika Jensen, serving as vice president of predevelopment, is currently spearheading the request for application (RFA) process aimed at securing a Downstate New York gaming license for Sands, paving the way for the establishment of its next premier integrated resort on Long Island, New York.
Could you share insights into your career trajectory and your current position at Sands?
"My academic background initially led me to pursue mathematics and economics, but my passion for architecture persisted as I was drawn to the concept of shaping visions into tangible structures. Following my master's degree in architecture, I gained over a decade of experience working with various architectural firms specializing in hospitality projects across Atlanta and New York. It was in Las Vegas, starting in 2008, where I began contributing to Sands projects, notably as part of the design team for The Parisian Macao.
My transition to Sands in 2013 marked a pivotal shift in my career trajectory. Initially engaged in design and planning, my role gradually evolved towards predevelopment, business analysis, and development strategy. This transition brought me back to my roots in mathematics and economics, fields that have always captivated my interest. Presently, my responsibilities encompass identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities within both emerging and established markets, involving meticulous market analysis, due diligence, and strategic planning. Notable projects include the transformation of Sands Cotai Central into The Londoner Macao, which entailed a comprehensive asset repositioning strategy.
Currently, I am leading the multifaceted efforts surrounding the Downstate New York RFA process. Collaborating closely with cross-functional leaders, my role involves formulating and executing our approach and response to the RFA, offering invaluable insights into facets of business previously unexplored. These endeavors present unique challenges that drive professional growth and are indicative of aspirations one should pursue in their career."
What key attributes, training, mentorship, or experiences have contributed to your career accomplishments?
"Reflecting on my journey, I attribute much of my success to unwavering diligence and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Arriving in the United States at 19, with Nepal left behind, instilled in me a profound work ethic, propelling me through both academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Curiosity has been a constant companion, driving continuous learning and growth. Ultimately, the pursuit of one's dreams, coupled with determination and a thirst for knowledge, lays the foundation for achievement and fulfillment in one's career."
Having mentors is indispensable. I consider myself fortunate; upon completing my bachelor’s degree, I encountered a woman who had traversed a similar educational and professional journey. Her unwavering support and guidance were instrumental. She facilitated my first internship and offered invaluable advice during my transition to architecture. Witnessing her success in a path I aspired to follow was profoundly inspiring. She served not only as a mentor but also as a role model.
During my tenure at Sands, I've been privileged to work under exceptional leaders whose wisdom I often recall in challenging situations. Observing their approaches has been instructive. Having a role model in one's supervisor is invaluable – surrounding oneself with strong leaders fosters learning through observation. I've been fortunate to be surrounded by individuals from whom I could learn and emulate.
Regarding evolving the workplace to better support and empower women, I believe in the significance of role models both within and outside the organization. Witnessing individuals similar to oneself excel instills confidence and a belief in one's own potential. EmpowHER, our Team Member resource group for women, plays a pivotal role in this regard. It provides a platform to hear from women leaders, normalizing their presence in leadership positions. Mentorship, particularly through EmpowHER, is crucial – boosting confidence and fostering an inclusive environment devoid of biases aids in propelling women's careers forward.
For women, or indeed anyone aspiring to advance in their careers, I advocate authenticity. Finding what aligns with one's identity and being objective about one's capabilities is paramount. Striving for excellence, cultivating curiosity, and acquiring new skills are vital for personal and professional growth. Confidence is key – believing in oneself and one's abilities is fundamental.
While diligence is essential, strategic planning is equally vital. Merely working hard isn't sufficient; having a clear career trajectory and devising a plan to achieve it is crucial. It serves as a roadmap, allowing for adjustments while maintaining focus.
Lastly, prioritizing work-life balance is imperative. Striking a harmonious equilibrium between career and personal life is essential for overall well-being. Finding balance ensures neither aspect is neglected, fostering fulfillment both professionally and personally.