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Empowering Voters: Crucial Role of Vote Early Day Events


In anticipation of a pivotal election, Paramount is reaffirming its dedication to Vote Early Day and urging corporate and community allies to empower voters in sharing their voices by signing up to commemorate Vote Early Day on October 29th, 2024!
Vote Early Day stands as a nationwide initiative celebrating democracy, rallying thousands of businesses, nonprofits, election administrators, campus groups, and creatives annually. Together, they craft activities aimed at equipping Americans with the necessary tools and knowledge to surmount Election Day obstacles by opting for early voting. By voting early, citizens ensure that last-minute issues, lengthy queues at polling stations, complex election regulations, or misinformation don't impede their ability to cast their ballots.
Since its inception in 2020, Paramount has collaborated with 4,853 organizations to encourage millions of Americans to participate in voting. As we approach an election year rife with both opportunities and challenges, we implore you to join this movement.
The backbone of Vote Early Day lies in its celebrating partners. We take pride in aligning with national partners such as Patagonia, Lyft, The League of Women Voters, MTV, Snapchat, YMCA, NAACP, and numerous others across all 50 states. Through this diverse coalition, Vote Early Day partners strive to ensure that all voters, especially those from historically marginalized communities, have the ability to exercise their right to vote.
During the previous presidential election, marked by a global pandemic, Americans turned out in record-breaking numbers for early voting. Over 100 million individuals cast their ballots before Election Day, surpassing the combined early vote totals of the 2016 and 2018 elections. Early voting has been on the rise annually, and 2024 presents a critical juncture to demonstrate our capacity to shift the voting culture by designating Election Day as the ultimate opportunity to vote.
In 2024, it is imperative to sustain this momentum to ensure that the voices of every American voter are acknowledged. That's why we urge every organization committed to our democracy to join us as Vote Early Day partners this autumn.
Paramount commemorates Vote Early Day annually because it resonates with our values of participation and inclusivity. Through content disseminated across linear and digital platforms, as well as internal outreach to our employees, Paramount takes pride in fostering the engagement of our audiences, staff, and communities in the democratic process.
The question remains: What platform, community, or voice does your organization possess that could make a difference in ensuring that individuals know how to vote early and aren't left behind?

The collaborative efforts we engage in this autumn will enable us to meet the challenge of empowering voters as they determine the leadership of our nation, from the President to Congressional representatives, as well as the outcomes of various state elections and ballot referenda. Each event, social media post, discussion forum, and conversation held on Vote Early Day will play a crucial part in ensuring that voters have the opportunity to voice their opinions.