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Empowering Success: Join Covia's Inclusive Workforce Today


Covia is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where team members from diverse backgrounds can excel, understanding that a company's success hinges on the strength of its workforce. Our culture encourages all team members to freely share their ideas and talents, ensuring everyone can perform at their best while being true to themselves. This commitment not only aligns with our values but also helps us establish ourselves as an employer of choice and a positive presence in our communities.
To support this commitment, Covia is investing in outreach and development programs aimed at attracting and nurturing the next generation of team members. These initiatives reflect our dedication to creating an environment where every team member, whether new or seasoned, can thrive.
Community Outreach Visits
With a presence in over 40 locations across North America, Covia values its connections with the diverse communities it serves. To better understand these communities, members of our Talent Acquisition team visit areas near Covia locations, gaining insights into local needs and interests. By engaging with hiring managers and touring facilities, our team ensures that we can effectively communicate opportunities and support initiatives that benefit both Covia and the communities we serve. These visits also provide valuable opportunities to connect with community members and enhance our representation of current and potential team members in the area.
Adrianna Ateh, Covia’s Talent Acquisition Manager, emphasizes that talent acquisition goes beyond filling positions—it's about placing the right people in roles where they can thrive and contribute to organizational success.
Internship Program
In 2023, Covia launched an internship program aimed at providing students across the US with mentorship and hands-on experience. The program's inaugural year was a resounding success, with students benefiting from exposure to various aspects of the industry and guidance from Covia professionals. We are continually improving the program to ensure it offers a fulfilling experience for participants, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming the next group of interns. By investing in programs like these, Covia is not only shaping the future of its workforce but also strengthening its organization for years to come.
Creating a Culture of Success
At Covia, we are dedicated to constructing a workforce that values its team members and enables them to thrive. Whether you're an ambitious intern, a member of the local community, or part of our current team, we are committed to nurturing an environment where everyone feels included, supported, and empowered. If you're eager to explore career opportunities at Covia and discover how we can support your professional growth, visit our careers page for more information. We're excited to connect with you.