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Empowering STEM Education: Achieving Global Impact in 2022


STEM serves as the driving force behind the groundbreaking technologies and innovations that materialize. As technology leaders and a company fueled by innovation, our commitment lies in nurturing a highly skilled and inclusive workforce, poised to meet the global demand and tackle the most urgent challenges of our era.
Maintaining a diverse pipeline of STEM professionals is imperative for us to sustain our leadership in pioneering technologies. When we examine the existing workforce issues in the United States and worldwide, we have allocated our resources to support specific initiatives. These initiatives are designed to:
  • Address the STEM skills gap among students on a global scale.
  • Enhance STEM expertise among teachers and educators.
  • Encourage the participation of women and underrepresented minorities (URM) in STEM fields.
  • Mobilize our employees to serve as STEM advocates within our communities.
In 2022, we successfully achieved our 2025 target of engaging 1.5 million students and teachers worldwide. This remarkable growth can be attributed in part to the resurgence of in-person instruction and heightened student involvement, approaching levels reminiscent of the pre-pandemic era. Furthermore, we witnessed substantial progress across various endeavors, including the expansion of our Thinkabit Lab sites and our collaborations with organizations such as Million Girls Moonshot and FIRST. Since 2020, our STEM programs have made a positive impact on over 2.3 million students and more than 110,000 educators.