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Empowering Rural Communities: Clean Water Initiative in India with Planet Water Foundation


On March 22, the global community observes World Water Day, underscoring the urgent imperative to safeguard and enhance worldwide access to clean water. In commemoration, Gen has joined forces with the Planet Water Foundation to provide clean and safe water to underserved rural communities in India.
In Chennai, Gen team members collaborated to erect a new AquaTower at Panchayat Union Middle School, serving over 330 students from Gummipoondi, a village with a population exceeding 2,000. This innovative water filtration system yields 1,000 liters of potable water per hour and also functions as a handwashing facility for students, caregivers, and families.
Principal Indumati G. highlighted the significance of this initiative, particularly for economically disadvantaged students who struggle to afford bottled water. The urgent need for the AquaTower stemmed from the prevalent health challenges faced by these children.
India, as per the World Bank, grapples with severe water stress, compounded by its disproportionate population-to-water resources ratio. Rural areas endure heightened water scarcity, compelling residents to resort to contaminated sources, resulting in illness and absenteeism, particularly among students.
The AquaTower not only mitigates the spread of diseases but also promotes regular school attendance, fostering community well-being. This endeavor represents just one facet of Planet Water Foundation's comprehensive World Water Day initiatives, which have positively impacted millions in impoverished regions across 28 nations through water filtration systems and hygiene education.
Gen's collaboration with Planet Water Foundation aligns with its commitment to environmental stewardship and empowers employees to actively engage in environmental conservation efforts.
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