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Empowering New Orleans: Entergy's Clean Energy Partnership with Feed the Second Line


Entergy New Orleans proudly announces its collaboration with Feed the Second Line's Get Lit, Stay Lit initiative in promoting clean energy. A generous contribution of $250,000 from Entergy New Orleans will support the initiative's aim of bolstering environmental resilience, renewable energy adoption, and community empowerment.
Deanna Rodriguez, president and CEO of Entergy New Orleans, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the company's dedication to resilience, renewable energy, and the vibrant people of the city.
Established in 2021, Feed the Second Line (FTSL) is a nonprofit based in New Orleans, committed to uplifting the city's diverse culture bearers, including Black Masking Indians, musicians, baby dolls, and visual artists. Under the leadership of Executive Director Tinice Williams, FTSL acknowledges and appreciates the partnership with Entergy New Orleans.
The groundbreaking Get Lit, Stay Lit project spearheaded by FTSL promotes clean, renewable energy by converting local restaurants into community hubs during crises like hurricanes, flooding, and heatwaves.
Through the project, local restaurants are empowered to adopt sustainable energy practices via the installation of microgrids. Moreover, the initiative provides economic and job training opportunities in the solar industry for culture bearers, thus bolstering both cultural and economic resilience within the community.
Beanlandia, a community hub located in the Bywater area, stands as a testament to this initiative's impact. Developed in collaboration with the Krewe of Red Beans, Beanlandia will be a solar-powered micro-hub enhancing community resilience during adverse weather conditions.
Executive Director Tinice Williams commends Entergy New Orleans for its vital role in enhancing community resilience against climate change impacts, highlighting the company's leadership in promoting safety, equity, and resilience.
Feed The Second Line remains committed to advocating for environmental stewardship and community support through initiatives like Get Lit, Stay Lit, envisioning a brighter, more sustainable future for New Orleans.