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Empowering Growth: Workforce Development, Internships, and Organizational Health Initiatives


Entergy's performance report provides a thorough summary of our accomplishments in 2023, encompassing financial outcomes alongside assessments of our economic, environmental, governance, and social performance and effects.

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Our Talent and Company Culture
Our workforce of approximately 12,000 individuals mirrors the vibrant diversity found within our communities, poised to provide energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow.
Promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
We cultivate an environment where a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and skills are valued, fostering an inclusive culture. Our ongoing efforts focus on enhancing diversity within both our workforce and leadership, employing effective strategies to attract, develop, and retain women and individuals from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds while prioritizing merit in our hiring practices. We continuously track our progress toward achieving this goal.
Recent years have witnessed significant strides in enhancing gender and ethnic diversity across our workforce and leadership.
Workforce Development
We recognize the importance of cultivating a diverse talent pool that reflects the communities we serve, equipped with the skills necessary for current and future needs, thus securing a lasting competitive advantage. Our initiatives in workforce development center on forging collaborative partnerships with local high schools, technical and community colleges, universities, and industry associations. These endeavors encompass a spectrum of activities, ranging from promoting careers in energy and STEM fields to offering technical training programs tailored to meet our future staffing requirements.

Discover further insights into our pursuit of these objectives through our collaborations in workforce development, internships, educational support initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to organizational well-being within our corporation.