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Empowering Excellence: A Journey of Growth and Diversity at Gen



During Black History Month, we shine a light on Meshawn Woods and LeShawn Parrish, twin sisters who have dedicated over 15 years to our company. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, their journey into cybersecurity was unforeseen, especially considering LeShawn's initial interest in sports medicine following her track career in high school. Fate intervened, leading them both to our company. 

Their tight bond ensured they always had each other's backs, seizing opportunities and supporting one another along the way. Now, they share a daily commute and often join kickoff calls together, their professional paths intertwining. As Black Genovators and POWER Champions, their narrative reflects the values of family, community, mentorship, and continuous growth. 

Reflecting on their tenure, Meshawn recalls joining first in November 2007, urging LeShawn to follow suit a few months later. LeShawn joined in May 2008, both starting in Customer Support and Inside Sales (CSIS). Their ascent up the corporate ladder was marked by seizing opportunities and embracing new challenges. 

Meshawn transitioned to a full-time role in the billing/finance department, gradually climbing to senior management overseeing partner campaigns and sales enablement teams for the Americas. LeShawn, leveraging the company's "passport program," explored various departments before finding her niche, ultimately excelling in her role.