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Empowering Africa's Tech Future: Qualcomm's Innovation Platform and Mentorship Programs


Over the past year, we introduced the Africa Innovation Platform, a comprehensive set of programs designed to foster the growth of Africa's burgeoning technology landscape. This initiative offers mentorship, education, and training opportunities tailored to support local universities, small and medium-sized startups, and recipients of grants. Through this platform, participants gain access to Qualcomm engineers and cutting-edge mobile platform technologies such as 4G, 5G, IoT, AI, and machine learning.
Our efforts have involved collaboration with governments, trade associations, and key stakeholders across the continent. Working alongside the African Telecommunications Union, we launched the Africa Innovation Platform, which encompasses several key programs:
1. Qualcomm® Make in Africa Startup Mentorship Program
This mentorship program, devoid of equity requirements, identifies promising early-stage startups eager to leverage advanced connectivity and processing technologies for innovative end-to-end solutions. Participating companies receive business coaching, engineering consultations for product development, and guidance on intellectual property protection.
2. Qualcomm Africa University Relations Program
This initiative enhances the research and educational capacities of selected African universities, research labs, and students. Through learning platforms, associated training, and Qualcomm developer kits, participants gain valuable skills. Additionally, the program collaborates with university faculty to design courses and lab curricula. Expanding the 5G University Training Program, Qualcomm Academy aims to provide 5G training and certification to students at specific African universities. Partnerships formed in 2023 with companies and universities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, and Egypt aim to train engineers across the continent.
3. Wireless Reach
Since 2007, our Wireless Reach initiative has invested in Africa, collaborating with the International Telecommunication Union's Development Bureau. This collaboration focuses on equipping youth with foundational digital skills to drive early-stage talent development, fostering digital, inclusive economic transformation throughout the continent.