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Empower by GoDaddy: Fostering Community and Support for Entrepreneurs


GoDaddy is not just a company that provides tools and services for businesses, but it also aims to create a sense of community, support, and empowerment for entrepreneurs. This is achieved through their global social impact program, Empower by GoDaddy, which relies on GoDaddy employee volunteers to provide mentorship and expertise to small business owners.
The author of the passage has been working at GoDaddy for five years as a website operations specialist and has had the opportunity to volunteer with the Empower by GoDaddy program. Through this program, the author has worked with entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and industries, helping them create websites that serve as powerful marketing tools.
The author believes that inclusive entrepreneurship means not only inviting everyone to the table but also ensuring that they have access to the necessary tools, guidance, and support. Empower by GoDaddy embodies this philosophy by offering resources and investing time and expertise into the communities it serves.
If you are thinking about starting your own business, here are some important tips to keep in mind:
  1. Patience and Persistence: Building a business takes time, so be patient with yourself and your progress. Utilize rapidly evolving AI technology to speed up your growth, and learn from every step of the journey, whether it is a success or a setback.
  2. Take Action: Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. Begin with what you have and build from there. Remember that progress is more important than perfection, so don’t be afraid to publish your website or try out new marketing tools to support your social media efforts.
  3. Community Matters: Connect with other entrepreneurs, local organizations, and programs like Empower by GoDaddy. Being part of a supportive community can provide valuable insights and resources.
Reflecting on my experiences with Empower by GoDaddy, I am reminded of the profound impact that a community-driven approach can have on small businesses. The connections made, the knowledge shared, and the growth witnessed are testaments to the power of collaboration and support. Empower by GoDaddy was just the beginning for me – I am eager to continue supporting not only our customers but also entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and circumstances as they grow and thrive along their journeys to success.

Empower by GoDaddy Spotlight Series: By partnering with diverse local nonprofits and community organizations around the world, Empower by GoDaddy aims to reach those who may not have had access to skills training, resources, and mentoring to help accelerate their business journeys. This article is part of the Empower by GoDaddy spotlight series that highlights the individuals who make this unique initiative possible.