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Empower Your Community: Fifth Third's Enhanced eBus Brings Financial Access & Support


The Financial Empowerment Mobile, also known as the eBus by Fifth Third, is dedicated to bringing financial access and education directly to communities, especially those that are underserved. In 2024, the eBus has been revamped to provide an array of enhanced experiences. These include the ability to open checking accounts instantly, private consultation pods for one-on-one discussions, computer workstations for guests, and an expanded range of services.
Kala Gibson, the chief corporate responsibility officer, highlighted Fifth Third's belief in improving lives through empowering individuals with financial knowledge and tools. The eBus embodies this commitment by delivering essential financial resources to communities where such resources might be lacking.
One of the notable additions to the eBus's offerings is the integration of SpringFour's services, a prominent fintech specializing in social impact financial wellness. SpringFour connects visitors to over 24,000 free financial wellness resources from nonprofit and government agencies at local, statewide, and national levels.
Through a digital self-service financial wellness solution, community members can now access support in various categories such as food savings, rental resources, childcare, employment services, and small business support. Here's how it works:
  • Visitors input their zip code and specify the category in which they require assistance.
  • SpringFour instantly provides localized results from human and social services organizations.
  • Fifth Third and SpringFour collaborate to provide tablets on the eBus for visitors to access the service, or they offer instructions for using it on personal mobile devices.
Click here, to know more about the eBus program, which begins its 2024 tour with a 20-day trip through Ohio starting from  May 3 through May 31.

“We love seeing banks step up to provide financial health assistance and resources to their customers and the broader communities where they do business. It’s great for communities and great for business, and we’re excited to work with Fifth Third to help the people they serve improve their financial health,” said Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, SpringFour founder and CEO.