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Employees from Nestlé Volunteer To Clean Up Lac Léman


Nestlé cultivates good behaviour, works towards a “waste-free future” and promotes recycling.

Dailycsr.com – June 26 2019 – Over six hundred employees from Nestlé came with their families to join the “clean-up initiative” around Switzerland’s Lac Léman. The said initiative is aligned with the company’s larger vision of achieving “a waste-free future”.
Moreover, the ASL, “Association pour la Sauvegarde du Léman”, as well as ten “municipalities along the Riviera region” have collaborated with Nestlé to volunteer for cleaning “all types of waste” that pollute the environment. The municipal “recycling systems” have been given the task of sorting and recycling all plastic waste.
Extending its gratitude Nestlé mentioned the names of the “municipalities of Bourg-en-Lavaux, Corseaux, La Tour-de-Peilz, Lutry, Montreux, Paudex, Pully, St-Sulpice, Vevey and Villeneuve”.
Moreover, “6,300 employees and their families” marked the World Oceans Day on June, 8, 2019 by taking part in the “clean-up initiatives” of seventy locations across the globe. Together, nearly “60 tons of waste” has been removed from the environment, especially cleaning the “local water bodies”.
Furthermore, the children of the employee volunteering in the clean up initiatives took part in educational programs that introduced them to environment related topics such as “recycling, and wildlife conservation”.
The world is facing the challenge of dealing with plastic pollutant, while Nestlé has made a commitment of “leading lasting and impactful change”. Nestlé bases its efforts towards the said endeavour on “three pillars”. As the press release of Nestlé reported:
“The first is to phase out all non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle plastics and replace these with alternative materials that are recyclable or even biodegradable. The second pillar is to achieve a waste-free future. Nestlé is involved in projects to prevent further accumulation of plastic in the environment. The third pillar is to promote good behavior. Nestlé acknowledges that behavior change needs to start from within the company”.