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Employees At Xylem Brings Clean Water & Solar Power To Indian Villages


Xylem’s commitment of “doing well by doing good” engages the employees to install AquaHomes in village households.

Dailycsr.com – 11 February 2019 – The employees of Xylem Pune as well as Thane, India, volunteered for social cause to begin this year, whereby the team worked to finish the “installation of ten AquaHomes” for the village households of “Mugoan and Masaad, India”.
It took the volunteers four long days of work to install the AquaHome, the latter is providing the village households with “solar power and clean water” which marks a first time ever event in the region. Before the installation, the people in the above mentioned village had kerosene lamps as their “only source of light in their homes”.
Moreover, the families used to also collect water from the contaminated community wells which used to lead to “many illnesses and diseases”. But now, thanks to the partnership with “Planet Water Foundation”, Xylem has proudly helped the village communities and the families, who stand at the beneficial end of the “powerful project”.
Talking about “Xylem Watermark”, Xylem Inc reported:
“Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship program, provides and protects safe water resources for many of the world’s most vulnerable communities and educates individuals around the globe about water issues. This social commitment reflects Xylem’s ethos of valuing the ‘triple bottom-line:’ financial, environmental and social. The company firmly believes in the notion of doing well by doing good, and dedicates resources to initiatives that demonstrate its commitment”.
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