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Employee Engagement & Giving Programmes Creating Positive Social Impacts


The corporate sector finds new strategic importance in practicing purposeful giving.

Dailycsr.com – 29 September 2016 – In the business sector, the concept of giving with “social impact” has made a place for itself, whereby the said shift of the giving culture with “measurable” impacts can be seen throughout the business organisations, whether its non-profits, corporate or foundations.
Different companies label the giving practices under different names like “corporate citizenship, corporate philanthropy, CSR” and so on, while all these names including “corporate giving and engagement” are nothing but a “purposeful effort” undertaken by a company, whereby it wants to give back something to the society to make a “positive difference in the world” which in turn reflects within the organisation.
Keeping an aim in mind, corporate organisations, irrespective of their size, are adopting fresh outlook in their “strategic approach” for their “giving and employee engagement programs”, whereby MicroEdge + Blackbaud through its research of “how things are evolving in this space” finds “five distinct hallmarks of strategic, successful corporate giving and engagement programs”.