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Emissions From Auto Industry Leaves Behind The Energy Sector In The U.S.


Analysts say that in the coming decade renewable energy market could put an end to the high emission level coming from vehicles.

Dailycsr.com – 19 September 2016 – According to the reports of Brian Collett, in the United States, the transport sector turns out to be the number one in pumping out “pollutant emissions”, while the “US Energy Information Administration” informs that transport sector’s emission levels left behind the “power industry” in the beginning of the year by “four tenths of a percentage point”.
The “low borrowing interest rates” of last year, allowed the sales of automobiles to meet a “record level”, as a result Americans are now “driving more miles than ever”. On the other hand, analysts are incorporating “auto emissions figure” into the bigger picture to gauge the changing trends in energy production in an attempt to fight the occurring climate changes.
Moreover, Brian Collett writes that:
“Vehicles now top the pollution league table largely because emissions limits have been imposed on industry by the government, resulting in coal being replaced to a great extent by natural gas as a source of power”.
Although, natural gas does not seem to be the “perfect alternative” for coal but it “burns more cleanly” while it turns out to be cheaper than coal. As per the industry watchers, natural gas could be “a stepping stone” for the field of renewable energy like solar and wind power to take the front seat in a cost friendly range.
In fact, the Bloomberg New Energy Finance has predicted that the use of natural gas will continuously increase while reaching its peak by the end of the coming decade. They are certain that renewable energy will “take over”, while more corporate are likely to invest in “clean power” and more people are likely to install rooftop solar panels as an alternative. Therefore, Collett, thinks that the coming trend could put an end to increasing “vehicle pollution”, while the sale of electric vehicles in the United States are “surging and auto manufacturing could be transformed”, although the said change is not likely to take place before the coming decade.