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Embracing Diversity and Growth in Gen’s Dynamic Culture


The term “summer interns” often conjures up images of errand running or spending the day at the photocopier. However, at Gen, we narrate a different tale. Our interns this summer were involved in a variety of tasks, from contributing to our 2023 Social Impact Report to aiding in our outreach to policymakers. They participated in discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, managed communications for our Giving@Gen philanthropy programs, and took part in a volunteer event that provided English enrichment opportunities to students in Latin America.
To gain insight into how they packed so much activity into one summer, we spoke with our interns, Lynnea Bao and Kaki Huebner. We learned about their perspectives on social impact, how it manifests at a Cyber Safety company, and their future plans.
Before we delve into the remarkable work you both accomplished, what led you to choose these internships? Was social impact a field of interest for you?
LB: Indeed, I’m pursuing ESG and Business Analytics at UPenn. This was an opportunity I actively sought. I’m intrigued by sustainability at both the corporate and personal level. I believed that exploring social impact would be an effective way to merge these two interests. My ultimate goal is to venture into Environmental Business Law after my undergraduate studies, but I’m currently exploring various paths to reach there.
KH: To be honest, I never thought I could find a job that perfectly aligns with my personal and academic interests! Opting to spend a summer with Gen was a no-brainer. I realized that I could expand my knowledge of marketing while concentrating more on Government Affairs. The resources that Gen offers to its employees at all levels are priceless. I’m taking online Harvard business tutorials, having meetings with executives to learn about their career paths, and participating in groundbreaking work that will further solidify Gen’s new identity. It’s truly incredible.
Could you elaborate on your specific roles? Kaki, you mentioned that you were an intern in Government Affairs. What tasks have you been undertaking?
KH: I’ve been collaborating with domestic, UK, and EU regulatory bodies, as well as external consultants, to position Gen as a pioneer in consumer Cyber Safety. The highlight of my summer was gaining knowledge about AI regulations to assist the company in navigating proposed global legislative changes related to AI.
Lynnea, how was your experience on the social impact front?
LB: I had the opportunity to engage in various aspects of social impact. The most enjoyable part for me was working on the 2023 Social Impact Report. I gained a wealth of knowledge just by attending meetings and observing how environmental data was collected and computed. It was fascinating to witness the evolution of the report through its various iterations.
Final question: Do you engage in any volunteer work in your personal lives?
KH: Absolutely! Since the onset of the pandemic, my sister and I have been volunteering with the Samaritan House in the Bay Area. We deliver groceries and hot meals weekly to residents grappling with life-threatening illnesses and food insecurity.
LB: My preferred non-profit organization back home is the Alameda County Food Bank. Working with them is always a pleasure. I would also like to commend People’s Kitchen in Philly. They are an Urban Farming Collective that focuses on addressing food insecurity. They do commendable work in Philadelphia.
Gen boasts a vibrant, nurturing environment where core values that embrace diversity, foster collaboration, and inspire every team member to contribute and grow are upheld.
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