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Embedding ‘Sustainable Thinking’ Into ‘Responsible Investment Landscape’ Through European Investors’ Funds


In a debate between finance groups and stakeholders, the progress made in making investment responsibly was the lime light with European investors’ funds’ future use in mind.

Dailycsr.com – 08 November 2017 – Brian Collett reported about finance groups and other stakeholders’ debate on the ways of using “large” European investors’ funds to promote “responsible business”, whereby being “accountable for their actions”.
Moreover, there were consideration of “how citizens and their organisations” could voice their opinion and “influence investment” backing the “Paris climate change agreement” as well as the SDGs of the U.N. that stresses on “ethical responsibility” on “poverty and employment”. Furthermore, there was also an aim of guiding politicians into creating regulation to make “Europe’s investment industry competitive” and yet serve in “public interest”.
The said conference took place in “The Hague” and was aired on September 14, 2017 and September 15, 2017, by ShareAction. The latter is an “association of companies pension funds and others promoting responsible investment” which is based out of London. As per ShareAction, now “the conditions are right to achieve a greater shift of the system, towards the delivery of investment practices that truly serve savers, society and the environment”.
However, the association has insisted on “huge efforts” which will be required to push through a “compelling vision” with the help of “European investment driving sustainable business” on a global scale besides securing a global leader’s place for Europe by creating collaborative ventures on “responsible investment among heads of business”.
The discussion taking place on the following day was led by the “European Responsible Investment Network” which was created by ShareAction as a “multi-stakeholder group”. The said network has its headquarters in London while it has a total of twenty five organisations spread across “Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the UK”. The network “embraces” the line of “sustainable investment associations, ethical banking groups and NGOs”.
ShareAction’s Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Howarth, stated:
“The responsible investment landscape has changed dramatically in the last ten years, but much remains to be done to embed sustainable thinking and practice in the strategies of European pension funds and other large investors.
“Civil society has a critical role to play in driving progress. We are both proud and excited to be playing a role in uniting civil society to advance responsible investment in Europe.
“Together these groups have the potential to make Europe a global leader in the field.”
Here is a list of speakers who spoke at the conference, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
“…Laurence Tubiana, the French diplomat who is chief executive of the European Climate Foundation, and Fiona Reynolds, director of Principles for Responsible Investment, the UN’s international network encouraging ethical financing”.