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Elevate Your Holiday with Unique Twists: MaryRuth’s Gummy Bears, Pact’s Sustainable Fashion, and Pete & Gerry’s Empowerment – A Whole Planet Foundation Special


Elevate Your Holiday with Unique Twists: MaryRuth’s Gummy Bears, Pact’s Sustainable Fashion, and Pete & Gerry’s Empowerment – A Whole Planet Foundation Special
Whole Foods Market suppliers are supporting microentrepreneurs in impoverished communities during the holiday season by contributing essential business capital. These like-minded companies are dedicating a portion of their December sales in selected Whole Foods Market stores to finance microcredit programs through the Whole Planet Foundation. The generated funds will be directed to the foundation's vetted microfinance partners worldwide, aiding microentrepreneurs in the regions where Whole Foods Market procures its products.
Aura Collagen Tea
This year, we are pleased to welcome AURA Collagen Tea, a brand under GT’s Living Foods, to our community of supplier donors. Their generous contribution will assist us in achieving our objective of empowering 300,000 individuals to fortify vulnerable communities by 2030. Learn more about Whole Planet Foundation’s key focus areas and join us as we embark on the next phase of our mission.
“GT’s Living Foods is proud to support the Whole Planet Foundation. As a family-run business, we are eternally grateful for the support we've received and are eager to give back. The foundation's impactful work in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs to alleviate global poverty is truly inspiring and more crucial than ever. Together, we believe we can contribute to building a healthier and happier humanity,” states the GT’s Living Foods Team.
A longstanding advocate of the Whole Planet Foundation, Divina, a Foodmatch brand, has contributed over $120,000 through the sale of their products in selected Whole Foods Market stores to fund microloans. This holiday season, they continue to provide additional business capital for entrepreneurs residing in impoverished communities where Whole Foods Market sources its products. Each microloan represents an opportunity for a microentrepreneur to break the cycle of poverty for herself and her family.
Celebrate the holiday season with these delightful drink recipes from Divina.
MaryRuth’s is reaffirming its commitment to combat global poverty through microcredit initiatives. As a company founded by women, they understand the significance of income-generating opportunities and are paying it forward by supporting female microentrepreneurs globally, offering them a chance to initiate or expand their small businesses
"MaryRuth's is honored to support Whole Planet Foundation as it aligns with our mission to inspire others to move forward every day. As a women-owned business that I started while in a lot of personal debt, I am passionate about helping people find their own financial freedom and empowering others to live their dreams," says MaryRuth Ghiyam, MaryRuth's Founder & CEO.
Elevate your gingerbread house creation with a unique twist by incorporating MaryRuth’s gummy bear snacks. Delicious!
Pact is dedicated to prioritizing the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants in the realm of fashion. Through partnerships with Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, and SimpliZero, they ensure that their products and processes contribute to the welfare of both people and the environment. Annually, they encourage holiday shoppers to make responsible and mindful choices. As a certified fair-trade brand, Pact supports sustainable livelihoods, safe working conditions, transparent supply chains, and community development funds. This holiday season, by donating a portion of their sales in selected Whole Foods Market stores, they are creating income-generating opportunities for microentrepreneurs, particularly women, living in poverty through the Whole Planet Foundation.
Colleen Bale-Wright, Sr. Director of National Accounts at Pact, expresses, "Pact loves supporting and working with the Whole Planet Foundation and its mission. As a significant portion of the microcredit loans benefit women, we take pride in being a donor of the Whole Planet Foundation." Explore Pact's holiday wear and give the gift of comfort while supporting a cause this season.
Pete & Gerry’s
This year, Pete & Gerry’s is participating in our holiday program, aiming to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing access to economic opportunities. Through the sale of their products in selected Whole Foods Market stores, they offer the world's most vulnerable populations a chance to improve their lives and thrive.
"Empowering small businesses aligns with Pete & Gerry’s mission, cultivated through our collaboration with small family farms. The Whole Planet Foundation is taking that mission to the next level by assisting entrepreneurs globally living in poverty. We are thrilled to contribute much-needed business capital to those who need it most!" Enjoy Pete & Gerry’s in some delightful holiday eggnog this year by following their easy dairy-free eggnog online recipe.
Whole Planet Foundation expresses deep gratitude for the support of these brands during the holiday season. To date, Whole Foods Market suppliers have donated over $18 million to fund microcredit worldwide. We eagerly anticipate continuing this vital work with these generous donors and more in 2024.
To know more about Whole Pkanet Foundation, click here.