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Electrolux and Planet Water Foundation increase access to clean drinking water in India


Electrolux and Planet Water Foundation installed 2 water purification systems in primary schools in Maharashtra and surrounding areas.

Leading global appliance maker Electrolux, has partnered with non -profit organization Planet Water Foundation, which relieves poverty using with water, to provide access to clean drinking water in India.

The partnership, which begun in 2019, saw them both growing with both companies building and installing community water purification systems in many countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

This August the partnership expanded across India and saw the companies installing two Planet Water AquaTower systems in primary schools in Shahapur, Maharashtra, and Thane.

Both drinking water systems are operated by Electrolux India volunteers and they can individually produce 1,000 liters of clean drinking water per hour, sufficient to meet the drinking water needs of up to 3,600 people.

Electrolux volunteers also helped teach Planet Water's hygiene education program to spread knowledge of healthy hygiene practices to teachers, students and community members.

Commenting on this revitalization, Sudhir Patil, the Commercial Director of Electrolux India said, “Electrolux's passion for a better life is in synergy with the planet's goal of eradicating global water scarcity, one step at a time."

"We are very excited to expand our partnership with Electrolux in India," said Mark Steele, CEO and founder of Planet Water Foundation.

Access to clean and safe drinking water remains a challenge for a quite a few communities in India, and our business partnership with Electrolux can solve some of these problems.”