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Efficiency & Energy Optimization Lies In A Shift Towards Digital Grid System


A digital grid system takes into account of the “whole”, deals with complexity, and believes in service oriented business ethics.

Dailycsr.com – 07 June 2017 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution is knocking at our door, whereby making its statement in “velocity and volume, scope and scale, and systems impact”. Therefore, it is clearly visible that the foundation of “this new era” can lie in none other than triumphing the “digital grid”.
The previous three revolutions have taken place around the “introduction of steam and mechanization, electricity and computing, respectively”. Moreover, all of these have left “profound” impacts on the society. However, they all lacked the speed at which new ways are coming out with “technological breakthroughs”, which accompanied by equal complexities, that lays the path to the fourth revolution in the industrial sector.
The modernization of the grid is the key feature of this new revolution. As a result, the “energy landscape” will face a “holistic” alteration through “three paradigms” that will a create road to “an effective grid optimization strategy”, namely:
  • Systems Thinking
  • Managing Complexity
  • Service Orientation
Here is what “Black & Veatch” talks about these three aspects, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
Systems Thinking
“The basis of systems thinking is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. From this viewpoint, it can be seen that the relationships or connections that define the digital grid drive the true value of the system. From here it becomes clear that the objective of the system is not dependent on what those parts are, as much as what they can achieve together”.
Managing Complexity
“When managing complexity, the crux of the problem is not that the technology is unavailable, but the task can become daunting when trying to implement at scale. When implementing grid modernization, the priority must be managing complexity and volatility”.
Service Orientation
“Service-oriented architecture has emerged as a new value stream, from software structure to the business model, from governance to policy. Services are the capitalization of the other two paradigms and provide the basis for the valuation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and our digital grid”.