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Education That Helps Children To Live Their Dreams


Kimberly supports the children to realise their dreams through education.

Dailycsr.com – 22 August 2016 – The Kimberly-Clark Corporation informs that starting from the year of 2012, the company’s team at “correia pinto, brazil”, has devoted its time through volunteering work, whereby helping the young minds to take shape so that can fulfil their dreams in a manner that contributes positively to the society and to the world in turn.
The ‘Project Growth’ or the “Projecto Crescer” in Portuguese, takes in employees from Kimberly-Clark, along with local school students and community members.
Moreover, Ethicalperformance informs that:
“A major goal of the program is to provide ways for students to learn sustainable practices through fun and unique activities; and with their increased awareness to positively impact their families and friends”.