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Edison International Publishes Sustainability Report For 2017


Read on to catch some of the highlights from Edison International’s “2017 Sustainability Report”.

Dailycsr.com – 28 January 2019 – The “2017 Sustainability Report” of Edison International, published this month, reflect the company’s “sustainability strategy” while outlining its “sustainability performance and related metrics” for the year of 2017.
Furthermore, the report informs about the work done by Edison International for building a future for clean energy. It also delved into the company’s business operation which it executes “with excellence” by retaining its focus on its employees, communities and customers alike. In the words of the chief executive as well as the president of Edison International, Pedro Pizarro:
“We’re committed to a sustainable future for all of our stakeholders, which is why we’re leading the way on clean energy and doing our part to respond to broader societal challenges like climate change. I’m proud of the work we do and the partnerships we’ve built to serve our customers with the long-term view in mind.”
Here are some of the outlines from the above mentioned report that mentioned the main “sustainability achievements” for 2017, as stated by Edison International:
“Partnering with California to achieve climate change and air pollution goals
  • “Delivered 46 percent carbon-free electricity to Southern California Edison customers
  • “Installed infrastructure for 803 electric vehicle charge ports
  • “Averaged 3,574 residential solar installations per month
“Operating and serving with excellence
  • “Achieved a seven-year record low for the average outage duration for customers (SAIDI score)
  • “Maintained the lowest system average rate of California’s investor-owned utilities
  • “Kept customer monthly bills 27 percent below the national average
  • “Received national recognition as a “best place to work” for diversity practices, disability equality and LGBT equality”
The commitments made by Edison International is to support sustainability, whereby it delivers “Energy for What’s Ahead” to its employees, customers as well as the communities around. Furthermore, the “2017 Sustainability Report” of Edison International provides its vision of “Clean Power and Electrification Pathway” for reducing “greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants”.
For downloading the entire report, kindly click on the link given below: