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Ecovadis Nominates the ‘Silver Recognition’ Award To C.P.A Global


C.P.A Global receives the ‘silver recognition’ for its tireless efforts to meet its various Corporate Social Responsibilities compliances.

Ecovadis Nominates the ‘Silver Recognition’ Award To C.P.A Global
Dailycsr.com – 09 July 2015 – The Newswire Today informed from San Mateo, California, United Sates, about C.P.A Global’s “Silver Recognition” Award. C.P.A Global is a world-class company which tops in its software and management services, whereby it finds its place amongst the world leaders in the said field.
Moreover, the company of C.P.A Global has been ranked among thirty percent of “organisations” who are enlisted as toppers for their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The names of the awardees were announced based on the evaluation carried out by Ecovadis”. For further information about C.P.A Global you can visit their official website:  CPAGlobal.com
The NewsWire Today writes:
“CPA Global, the world's leading provider of intellectual property (IP) management software and services, has been awarded ‘Silver Recognition’ for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by EcoVadis, a leading international rating agency.”
The procurement team is made of various world class multinational member companies, wherein Ecovadis is one of the “trusted partners” of the teams. The other members of the team include – Johnson & Johnson, Air France-KLM, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Merck, Alcatel-Lucent, Heineken, Nestlé, L'Oréal, Centrica/British Gas, Nokia, Verizon, Bayer, BASF and ING Bank.
Ecovadis judged C.P.A Global on its Corporate Social Responsibility compliance in four categories:
  • Environment
  • Labour Practices
  • Fair Business Practices
  • Sustainable Procrument
In fact, C.P.A Global has scored “well” all these respective areas, whereby it has emerged in the list of “the top 30% of organisations”. Celebration seem to be on at this achievement by the company as the chief executive officer of C.P.A Global, Mr. Griffiths expressed his happiness by stating:
“We are exceedingly proud that we have been awarded Silver Recognition by EcoVadis for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is one of our top priorities and we greatly appreciate this acknowledgment, which rewards the dedication and tireless efforts of many CPA Global employees. We will continue to commit time and resources toward reinforce our position as a responsible supplier and good corporate citizen.”
Furthermore, the chief compliance officer of C.P.A Global, Mr. Mark Speck also added:
“We are dedicated to ensuring that we practice good corporate social responsibility and it is important that we drive proactive CSR activities. The recognition from EcoVadis is an acknowledgment that we are on the right path. We are very proud to have received this award.”
A Few Words About The ‘Proud’ C.P.A Global
The company of C.P.A Global specialises in the service of software of intellectual property management, which is shortly termed as IP management. It has also been providing “outsourced legal services” on an international basis. It has spread its offices all across Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States of America. C.P.A Global has been servicing many of the “best known” law firms and corporations in the world who avail intellectual property and legal services as well. The company has been actively involved in managing the cost, risk and the capacity of its customers’ software, whereby it has successfully managed to realise:
“...greater value for their businesses and IP assets.”