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Eaton: Leading Intelligent Power Management & Manufacturing Investment in North America


Eaton: Leading Intelligent Power Management & Manufacturing Investment in North America
Eaton, a leading provider of intelligent power management solutions, is set to inaugurate a new assembly plant in Santiago de los Caballeros, marking its fifth manufacturing site in the Dominican Republic. This expansion aims to address the increasing demand for Eaton's Bussmann series fuses, essential components in electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energy systems, energy storage projects, data centers, and various industrial applications. The commencement of production at the new facility is scheduled for 2024.
The surge in demand for Eaton's electrical solutions comes amidst significant shifts in global energy systems towards sustainability, electrification of transportation, and the rapid growth of cloud-based technologies. To meet this demand, Eaton is constructing a cutting-edge assembly plant spanning 65,000 square feet in the Santiago province, a move that is expected to generate around 300 manufacturing jobs.
Rob Griffin, Vice President and General Manager of Eaton's Bussmann Division, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating, "This investment reflects Eaton's commitment to supporting the ongoing energy transformation worldwide. Our Bussmann fuses play a critical role in ensuring safe and reliable power across various sectors such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage systems, and data centers. The Santiago facility will focus on assembling and packaging fuses and fuse accessories for these vital applications."
With a presence in the Dominican Republic for over three decades, Eaton is one of the country's prominent manufacturers. The establishment of the industry design center further underscores Eaton's dedication to fostering technical innovation and advancing industry education and training within the Dominican Republic.

“We value and appreciate the strong commitment that Eaton has with the Dominican Republic,” said Minister Victor Bisonó – Industry, Commerce and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). “We welcome their expansion and continued promotion of productive research and innovation. Eaton contributes to the strengthening of our human talent and has a lasting social impact in our communities.”
Eaton's recent establishment in Santiago is part of the company's broader commitment to bolstering manufacturing capabilities across North America. In 2023, Eaton unveiled investments totaling nearly $750 million aimed at enhancing manufacturing capacity for a range of electrical assemblies, including switchgear, switchboards, and circuit breakers, alongside advancements in EV charging technology, transformers, voltage regulators, and underground protective connectors for the electric grid.
As an intelligent power management corporation, Eaton is deeply committed to environmental preservation and enhancing global living standards. Our product line spans across various sectors, including data centers, utilities, industries, commercial enterprises, machine building, residential setups, aerospace, and mobility markets. We operate with a steadfast commitment to ethical business practices, sustainability, and empowering our customers to effectively manage power needs both now and in the future.
Harnessing the momentum of global electrification and digitalization trends, Eaton is actively contributing to the transition towards renewable energy sources, addressing pressing power management challenges, and fostering the development of a more sustainable society for current and future generations.
Established in 1911, Eaton has been a fixture on the New York Stock Exchange for over a century. With reported revenues of $23.2 billion in 2023, we serve a diverse clientele across more than 160 countries worldwide.
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