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Eastman & Pact Collaborate: Transforming Beauty Packaging Waste into High-Quality Materials


Pact Collective and Eastman have announced the approval for utilizing clean, multicolored PET waste from Pact members and consumers as input for Eastman’s methanolysis technology. This innovation tackles the challenge posed by the presence of multicolored PET at material recovery facilities (MRF), which can sometimes hinder mechanical recycling due to color discrepancies. With Eastman’s methanolysis process, this material can be transformed into Eastman Renew materials, including high-quality copolyesters and PET suitable for the beauty industry, boasting a quality equivalent to virgin materials.
Tara Cary, Eastman cosmetics packaging segment manager, expressed, “Eastman's collaboration with Pact Collective has been a journey of shared vision and commitment. Our combined efforts are ensuring a more sustainable future for the beauty industry. By leveraging our methanolysis technology, we are turning challenges into opportunities, leading towards a future where beauty packaging waste becomes a valuable resource rather than a burden."
As a nonprofit organization, Pact Collective leads initiatives for managing beauty packaging take-back programs at both retail and consumer levels, playing a crucial role in ensuring environmentally responsible packaging waste management.
Carly Snider, Pact's Executive Director, stated, “Pact works to identify the highest and best use for the material we collect through our collection programs, always starting with mechanical recycling when possible. Eastman’s technology offers Pact’s material, which might otherwise be earmarked for waste-to-energy, a chance for a more sustainable end of life. Additionally, Eastman's contributions may aid in maintaining this plastic material in circulation, generating more post-consumer recycled content for future beauty packaging.”
Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies are well-suited for managing the intricate waste collected through these take-back programs. Eastman’s methanolysis breaks down challenging-to-recycle PET waste into its fundamental building blocks (monomers), which are then utilized to produce its high-performance materials.
Eastman and Pact remain dedicated to validating more complex streams of beauty packaging waste for Eastman’s molecular recycling. This ongoing initiative seeks to diminish reliance on less sustainable options such as waste-to-energy or landfilling, paving the way for a greener future.