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EHRC Raise Awareness Taskforce To Address The Issues Of Neglected Cleaning Staffs


EHRC takes initiative to bring the value of neglected cleaning work forces’ and their contributions at work.

Dailycsr.com – 30 October 2015 – A taskforce sitting at the top of the industry has launched campaign aiming to promote clean industrial working conditions. The said taskforce was started by the “Equality and Human Rights Commission”.
The chairman of the taskforce is “EHRC Deputy Chair Caroline Waters”, whereby the board also includes other leading business organisations along with trade unions and associations. The taskforce has assembled by the Commission after their report was published. The said report was titled “The Invisible Workforce” and dealt with the “employment practices in the cleaning sector”.
The report highlights many good examples of industrial labour related practices in the form of “policies” that promote “equality”. However, there were other situations wherein “some employers” refrain from providing contracts to their staffs.
Furthermore, some even did not pay their employees their entire due amount including “sickness or holiday leave entitlements”. The report also observes that most of the cleaning staffs are “female migrants” and they have the feeling of leading an invisible life wherein they get treated “badly” in comparison to other categories of employees. These women also claimed that they still do not entirely gather what are actually “their rights”.
It is to address these issues and to come up with viable solutions the said taskforce has developed “principles for responsible procurement”. It also communicated the value of these “cleaning operatives” through a poster. Additionally, it also sent “Your Rights at Work” at various cleaning firms so that the latter can explain the “employment rights” to their respective employees.
The chair-holder of the EHRC and taskforce, Caroline Waters stated:
“The Commission’s role is to promote and enforce the laws that protect our rights to fairness, dignity and respect. It has been a great privilege to have worked over the past year or so with so many people who are committed to improving the working conditions of cleaning operatives.
“We very much hope the tools we have now produced will help to bring real and lasting change for commercial cleaning operatives.”