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Driving Water Conservation: Crown's Global Sustainability Initiatives


In 2022, the collective efforts of our global workforce drove progress across various facets of our business, marking significant milestones and positioning us for further strides in our sustainability journey. As we gaze into the future spanning the rest of this decade, our commitment remains steadfast in maintaining this positive trajectory and enhancing our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. Upholding principles of accountability and transparency, we pledge to uphold continuous communication both internally and externally, articulating our priorities and the actionable steps we're undertaking to realize them.
While celebrating the achievements in sustainability thus far, we recognize the ongoing work ahead. As we delve deeper into the implementation of our Twentyby30™ initiative, our focus sharpens on several pivotal areas.
Energy Transition
Amidst unprecedented fluctuations in energy prices witnessed in 2022, our resolve to ramp up renewable electricity adoption remains unwavering. Through a dual approach of on-site renewable energy generation and collaboration with renewable energy providers, we aim to achieve 75% renewable electricity by 2030 and reach 100% by 2040, in alignment with our RE100 commitment. To mitigate Scope 1 emissions, we're optimizing gas utilization in our facilities through effective heat recovery methods and the electrification of heating equipment wherever feasible. Furthermore, we're charting out additional electrification strategies, including setting a Net Zero science-based target with SBTi and unveiling a formal Net Zero plan within the next two years. These initiatives complement industry-wide efforts, as evidenced by the recent finalization of roadmaps within the aluminum and steel sectors, enabling us to synchronize with and bolster broader sustainability endeavors. Additionally, we're dedicated to allocating a sustainability capital budget to bolster energy efficiency enhancements across our facilities.
Future Water Supply
Water stands as arguably the most vital resource on our planet, serving indispensable functions across myriad domains. Regrettably, projections indicate a looming scarcity of water, posing risks to existing and future populations. Embracing our role as custodians of water, we extend our focus beyond our immediate operations to encompass our entire value chain and communities. It's imperative that we not only align with the water goals of our peers and customers but also remain cognizant of our operational impacts on neighboring communities and environments. This heightened awareness propels us to adopt proactive measures for water preservation in the years ahead.

Our Twentyby30™ objectives have positioned us on a favorable trajectory, enabling us to diminish water usage, meet stringent wastewater quality criteria, enhance employee access to safe water, and restore depleted water sources. However, we are committed to intensifying our focus on water-related initiatives. This includes convening a Company-wide Water Summit, identifying additional replenishment projects, and conducting comprehensive water mapping within our facilities to enhance our understanding of operational water usage. Moreover, we are diligently working towards establishing Companywide water standards and formalizing our WASH-inspired "safe access to water" evaluation across our 200+ facilities.
Expanding Water Replenishment Efforts
Our ongoing collaboration with TNC in São Paulo, Brazil, has been instrumental in enhancing biodiversity and local livelihoods within a specific ecosystem. However, we recognize the importance of extending our water replenishment partnerships. We have identified additional global projects, the progress of which will be detailed in our forthcoming sustainability report.
Inspiration and Knowledge Sharing at the 2023 Water Summit
In 2023, we will host the inaugural Crown Water Summit, aimed at centralizing discussions around our Company's Twentyby30™ Best Practices and sharing successful strategies implemented by individual plants to reduce our water footprint. Employees can expect to glean insights from various teams worldwide, covering topics such as updates on North American Greenbelt projects, innovative installations in Mexico, and efficiency enhancements in Asia Pacific and European plants. These initiatives underscore our commitment to establishing higher water efficiency standards across the Company and bring us closer to our target of achieving a 20% reduction in water usage by 2025.
Plants Leading by Example
We rely on the innovation and dedication of our global teams to identify minor operational adjustments that yield significant water conservation benefits. Several plants have made notable contributions to our water conservation endeavors:
  • Crown TCP, Thailand: Recognized for installing a reverse osmosis reject water pipe system, reducing reliance on local water supplies.
  • Silvassa, India: Acknowledged for installing rainwater conservation pits and effectively treating wastewater for on-site use.
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin (U.S.) and Fort Bend, Texas (U.S.): Commended for initiatives such as recycling vacuum pump cooling water and implementing water consumption monitoring systems.
  • Korinthos, Greece: Highlighted for implementing a unique water recirculation system, minimizing reliance on local municipality water sources.
“We intend to prioritize water projects with even more frequency moving forward”

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