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Driving Sustainable Mining: Innovations, Energy Reduction, and Data-driven Decisions with CMIC and Rockwell Automation


Mining operations worldwide consume a significant amount of energy, accounting for approximately 6% of global energy consumption. A substantial portion of this energy, around 50%, is dedicated to the grinding of materials into smaller particles, known as comminution.
To address the environmental impact of the mining industry, the Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) was established with the objective of reducing its ecological footprint by 50% before 2027. CMIC focuses on enhancing sustainability in terms of energy usage, water conservation, and waste management. To achieve this goal, CMIC has embarked on a pioneering initiative called ReThink Milling, in collaboration with Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) solutions.
ReThink Milling brings together a consortium of leading mining industry players, comprising more than a dozen operators, to collaborate on research and development projects aimed at driving sustainability. One of the primary projects in the pipeline involves the creation of innovative technologies to replace the current comminution process. For instance, the development of a groundbreaking device known as the conjugated anvil hammer mill holds great promise in significantly reducing energy consumption by 65%. Furthermore, it has the potential to eliminate the need for secondary crushing mills, associated equipment, and the transportation required for them.
To facilitate the commercialization of these advancements, data collection plays a crucial role. The projects implemented by CMIC and Rockwell Automation incorporate various technologies provided by Rockwell, enabling efficient data capture, management, and analysis. These capabilities contribute to improved decision-making processes throughout the mining operations, further supporting the goal of sustainability.