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Driving Sustainability: NRG’s Innovative Approach to Power and Change


NRG Business is a company that prioritizes sustainability in all aspects of its operations, including its customers. The company has developed a comprehensive framework for sustainability that focuses on reducing carbon emissions and helping customers transition to renewable energy sources. The Vice President of Sustainable Products and Innovation leads a team of experts who are dedicated to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact.

The Vice President has a background in finance and has worked in various roles throughout their career, including starting a weather derivatives business and an emissions trading desk. They joined NRG in 2012 and have since led the company’s efforts in sustainable products, renewables, innovation, and project management. The team at NRG is collaborative and focused on education and sharing information, with a culture that values the input of all team members.

In their personal life, the Vice President values work-life balance and encourages their team members to do the same. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, snowboarding, and gardening, as well as indoor activities such as using their Peloton or reading a good book when the weather is too hot. They are a mother of two daughters and strive to balance their work and personal responsibilities.
The Sustainable Products and Innovation team at NRG Business is composed of four branches, each specializing in a different aspect of sustainability. These branches work together to provide customers with innovative and comprehensive approaches to sustainability.

The Sustainability Advisory group, led by Greg Kandankulam, helps customers understand their carbon footprint and provides guidance on how to access renewable energy and benchmark their progress. The Renewable Brokerage team, led by Miro Sutton, assists large companies with virtual power purchase agreements and other renewable energy solutions. The Renewable Products team, led by Alan Cherkas, focuses on voluntary market carbon offsets and other renewable energy products. Finally, the New Product Innovation team, led by Lucas Spangler and Schneider Otohwo, works to bring new sustainable products to market and support their adoption across different regions and sectors.

Together, these four branches form a strong foundation for sustainability at NRG Business, providing customers with the expertise and support they need to achieve their sustainability goals.
NRG is committed to driving change in the energy industry by reimagining the potential of power. The company’s customers are a key factor in this effort, as their sustainability goals inspire the team to develop new and innovative solutions. NRG is dedicated to serving its customers, communities, and the environment, and the team is proud of their work in advancing sustainability. The team members are passionate about their work and are committed to creating a more sustainable future for all.
“I am passionate about my work because I believe I am in a role at a company and industry in which I can truly make a difference. It is only through a clean, resilient, affordable grid that we will have the energy foundations that can support a more equitable future.” said Schneider Otohwo

“When I started my career, I found myself gravitating towards clean power - even before it was popular. To date, I have been part of nearly 6GW of projects, many of which would not have happened without my involvement. This gives me immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in being able to make a positive impact in the world.” said Miro Sutton 

“As an originator, It’s extremely rewarding to be able to help our suppliers advance projects that benefit the environment, while helping our customers achieve their own environmental objectives. It’s not always easy, but important work and every success is a stepping stone along the path to a more sustainable future.” said Alan Cherkas.

“I want to help create a more sustainable and empowering energy ecosystem for our customers. With NRG's position in the industry, we have the opportunity to lead by example for a cleaner and affordable energy future.” said Greg Kandankulam.

“Small changes have big impacts. The size and scope of our customers can create significant effects by introducing one program or product. These products directly impact the planet and people. To me, that is making a difference.” said Lucas Spangler.