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Driving Diversity: Achieving Inclusion Milestones and Gender Equality in Finance


Driving Diversity: Achieving Inclusion Milestones and Gender Equality in Finance
We are dedicated to promoting an inclusive environment where every individual is esteemed, honored, supported, and can actively contribute to our achievements. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is deeply embedded in our core values of service, expertise, and integrity. Our workforce comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, unique leadership styles, and distinct skill sets, enabling us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.
DEI Strategy:
Our DEI strategy revolves around strengthening development programs, facilitating placements, and fostering a culture of inclusivity. The aim is to cultivate a workplace that mirrors our values and propels our business forward. We recognize the significance of going beyond mere representation and actively engaging in a DEI dialogue, taking meaningful actions to sustain an inclusive environment.
Enhancing Development Programs and Placement:
We provide our employees with fair opportunities to engage in development programs tailored to various stages of their careers. A particular focus is on nurturing female leadership to ensure enduring equality within our leadership teams.
Women in Finance Charter (U.K.):
As a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter in the U.K., initiated by HM Treasury, we are committed to building a balanced and equitable financial services industry. Aligning with this crucial initiative, we proudly announce our accomplishments, surpassing our representation commitment well ahead of schedule. In November 2020, we renewed our commitment to reach 38 percent female representation by December 2023, and as of September 2022, we achieved 37 percent.
Women in Finance Charter (Norway):
In June 2022, we pledged our commitment to Norway's Women in Finance Charter, vowing to promote gender balance and inclusion in our Norwegian branch. Given the branch's size, we set ambitious targets of 40 percent female representation across the business and 30 percent females in senior leadership positions.
Women in Finance Charter (Ireland):
In April 2022, we signed the Irish Women in Finance Charter as part of the Ireland for Finance strategy. This collaborative effort between industry and government focuses on diversity as a key theme. Our goal is to increase female representation at senior levels from 44 to 48 percent by December 2025, and as of December 2022, we have achieved 45 percent.