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Dr. Jie Hui: Pioneering Tech Innovator at T-Mobile Driving Diversity and Innovation


Dr. Jie Hui boasts two decades of expertise spanning tech innovation, mobile devices, technology product development, infrastructure engineering, and big data analytics, which have significantly contributed to T-Mobile's business impact, exceeding $200 million. Over her 14-year tenure with the Un-carrier, she has secured 39 U.S. patents with 11 pending, showcasing her dedication to pioneering technologies, prominently displayed in her office's patent shrine.
At the forefront of T-Mobile's exploration into generative AI, Jie stands as one of the company's most innovative leaders. Her technical prowess is matched only by her fervent advocacy for diversity and inclusion within the tech sector. Actively mentoring and supporting aspiring professionals, particularly women, she empowers them to shatter barriers in the realm of technology.
Reflecting on her journey, Jie emphasizes the importance of disregarding gender distinctions in pursuit of common goals, encouraging young engineers and technologists to pursue their ideas with unwavering passion. She underscores the significance of internal confidence, asserting that self-belief and support from fellow women are crucial catalysts for success.
Ultimately, Jie's mission is to enchant people's lives through technological advancements, aiming to enhance their joy, richness, and fulfillment.