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Domtar’s 2019 New Year Resolution Is To Curb Wood Fiber Loss


It costs Domtar nearly “$500” per ton of good wood fiber loss.

Dailycsr.com – 08 February 2019 – New Year’s resolutions are mostly made for improving something in life, while at Domtar, they are made to improve the company’s “manufacturing operations”.
As a result, two “pulp and paper mills” of Domtar are actively involved in the reduction of “wood fiber loss” besides increasing its efficiency in 2019. In the latter half of 2018, Domtar’s “Nekoosa and Ashdown” mills started identifying the causes as well as the amount of “good wood fiber lost” that takes place on a daily basis. The said loss of wood fiber which does not go into the manufacturing of papers can be directly translated into monetary loss, whereby these facilities sought to take needed steps to reduce such wastage.
In the words of the Environmental Manager of Nekoosa, Dave Ulrich:
“One of our biggest sources of waste is good wood fiber. In total, it costs us about $500 for every ton of fiber we lose.”
However, the cost of wood fiber loss goes beyond the immediate cost angle whereby affecting the “mill’s effluent treatment plant”, as there is additional cost and time attached processing the “additional fiber” producing sludge which is given to the local farmers “as a soil amendment”.
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