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Domtar Contributes Hygiene Product To Improve Human Dignity


The value of sanitary products is well known to Domtar; therefore it reaches out to people across the world who fail to afford such products due to either financial constraints or any other natural calamities.

Daily.csr.com – 13 November 2018 – Domtar’s hygiene products are used all around the globe as they enhance “health, dignity and comfort” to all age group across “North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East”. Amidst the vast expanse of Domtar’s product reach, the company is donating diaper to ensure that all have “access to these important products”.
The “Our Comfort & Care diaper assistance program” of Domtar has reached out thousands of families in North America who didn’t have enough “diapers for their children” due to either financial constraints or natural calamities. Additionally, the “Personal Care plants” Domtar in “Aneby, Sweden, and Toledo, Spain” donated “incontinence products” for adults, whereby making a difference to the “lives of people in need”.
Fredrik Gustavsson works at Domtar’s Aneby plant as an environmental expert who supervises the “diaper donation program”, while the said plant teamed up with Human Bridge, the latter is into collecting and distributing “medical supplies for development, relief and social projects”. In the words of Gustavsson:
“Human Bridge lets us know that our gifts make a difference for people in this world. Their thank-you letters include photos and details on where our donations went. It’s rewarding to see the impact we can have.”
Furthermore Human Bridge also informed about Attends distribution of pads to “women attending university in Ethiopia”. Even though, the Ethiopian government pays for “tuition, food and housing” many of the women do not have any source of income to fund for their “hygiene items” and “study materials”.
In fact, Human Bridge’s network also expands to Ukraine, wherein the supplies from Attends are taken to “hospitals and orphanages, and to low-income families”. Moreover, Domtar diapers have also reached out people in need including refugees to “Moldova, Romania, Tanzania, Somalia and Iraq” thanks to the delivery of Human Bridge.
Similarly, the Toledo based facility of Domtar in Spain shares a long communal history, as its Indas brand leads the Iberian region’s market. Susana Blanco works in Domtar’s Madrid based headquarters in Europe. Her work entails collaborating with “export, legal and finance departments” besides managing the “diaper donation program” of Domtar. In her words:
“We work with several charities, giving us as broad a reach as possible”.
“Mensajeros de La Paz” is one such charities which operates with “broad humanitarian goals” while improving the life quality of elder is one of its charity’s “important aspect”. And the founder of the “organization, of the Domtar diaper donations”, Father Angel Garcia Rodriguez, exclaimed:
“This generous gesture is really appreciated. It benefits the most valuable people in our society: our grandparents.”