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Domtar Celebrates International Day of Forests


Domtar ensures “continued viability of the forestry industry”.

Domtar Celebrates International Day of Forests
Dailycsr.com – 30 March 2019 – March 21 is celebrated as the “International Day of Forests”, which is directed at raising awareness about the importance of the sustainable forest management. Domtar claims that there are “many common myths about the pulp and paper industry’s effect on forests” which might have reached our ears. However, it stressed that practicing sustainable forestry is a key factor in ensuring the “health and vitality” of the “precious forest resources”.
Domtar understands that with the increasing value of the trees, the environment as well as the “forestry industry” is likely to flourish. As a result, Domtar’s commitment towards sustainable forest management stands strongest today. As it added:
“We help ensure continued viability of the forestry industry for decades to come. Thanks to innovations we’re developing every day, we believe there’s more potential than ever for trees to change the world by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of harmful plastics getting into landfills and oceans”.
Furthermore, Domtar informed that it is equipped with the expertise as well as the ability to go beyond making “pulp and paper”. The world’s economy is seeing a shifting trend from fossil fuel to bio-fuel, while Domtar informed about its unique position for leading the change, which the company attributes to its “unprecedented access to the largest and most renewable alternative to fossil fuelson the planet: trees”.
Domtar uses “sustainably managed forests as a feedstock” and accomplishes the Mother Nature’s “millions of years” of work with “about 48–72 hours” including the development of “biodegradable alternatives to almost any material or chemical made with fossil fuels”. While, the company stated:
“On the International Day of Forests — and every day — we understand that the key to Domtar’s long-term success is also the key to a healthy and viable forestry industry. As demand for bio-based products takes off, we are even more committed to maintaining strong partnerships with foresters and landowners. This helps ensure that we can continue to have a sustainable and reliable fiber basket to achieve even greater growth”.

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