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‘Doing Good Together’


Hormel Foods has been steady in its efforts of hunger relief campaigns, whereby in a recent turn of events, the company has donated “37,000 cases” of food products.

Dailycsr.com – 07 June 2018 – Hormel Foods Corporation has made an announcement on June 5, 2018 to reveal that the company has made a donation of more than “37,000 cases (600,000+ cans) of shelf-stable food products” to “Convoy of Hope”. These food products, thus donated, will reach people across the globe in times of disaster or as hunger relief efforts.
From the above mentioned donated amount of food, some of it has been sent for Hawaiian “volcano disaster-relief efforts”. Hormel Foods’ External Communications’ Manager, Kelly Braaten, further, added:
“Convoy of Hope has been an excellent partner to work with for our disaster- and hunger-relief efforts. As a food company, we are inspired to do our part to help end hunger and food insecurity. This donation is a testament to our ongoing commitment.”
Additionally, Hormel Foods has maintained a long time “partnership” various foodbanks, including Feeding America. Moreover, the company is in continuous process of donating food products towards hunger relief efforts,
In the year of 2017, Hormel Foods’ donated food products along with “$5.4 million” in cash towards these endeavours. In the words of the Convoy of Hope’s National Spokesperson, Jeff Nene:
“Hormel Foods continues to be a wonderful partner ‘at doing good together’. This donation will make a big impact in helping families in need.”
Further information about the hunger relief efforts of Hormel Food can be availed at: