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Disney Returns With '2021 Writing Program' Participants


Disney is committed to promote the talent of storytelling and to honour the "late writer/producer" who created unforgettable contents.

Dailycsr.com - 18 January 2021 - In a press release dated January 14, 2021, the Walt Disney Company informed that it has selected thirteen writers for its "2021 writing program" as well as the "Disney Channel’s Eunetta T. Boone Comedy Writer’s Scholarship". The latter had been started from last year in an attempt to honour the "late writer/producer" for creating aspiring and diverse piece of comedy.
Moreover, in 1990, Disney extended its hands of partnership with the "Writers Guild of America West" and created "Disney Creative Talent Development & Inclusion’s one-year writing program". The advance professional programme allows the participants to further develop, while maintianing the goal of securing them with "first staffing assignment via Disney General Entertainment Content series". At the programme it will complete three decades of its run run wherein it garnered wide recognition for being "most successful of its type" within the entertainment industry. It has a near hundred person hiring rate track record for over a decade now. Additionally, the programme has been a platform for launching "many successful writers across the industry".
Here are the are the list of the participants for the "2021 writing program", as mentioned by Disney's press release:
  • "Brittney Jeng, “Kung Fu” script coordinator (Yorba Linda, California)
  • "Leah Gonzales, “The Chi” writers’ PA (San Jose, California)
  • "Paola Tapia-Limon, “Inventing Anna” script coordinator/former reality TV producer (Tijuana, Mexico)
  • "Tristan Thai, segment/doc/on-air promos producer (Monterey Park, California)
  • "Valeska Rodriguez, “Grand Hotel” writers’ assistant (Miami, Florida)
  • "Ceda Xiong, “All Rise” script coordinator/stand-up comedian (Los Angeles, California)
  • "Chas, “Central Park” showrunner’s assistant (Vallejo, California)
  • "Mike Lee, Emmy®-winning TV creative producer (New York City, New York)
  • "Shelley Dennis, animated TV series writer/former fashion model (Clayton, Oklahoma)
  • "Sidney Butler, “grown-ish” writers’ assistant (Houston, Texas)
  • "Victor Duenas, “East Los High” development assistant (South Gate, California)
  • "Ama Quao, “Outer Range” writers’ assistant (Murfreesboro, Tennesse)
  • "Jai Joseph, “Mom” showrunner’s assistant (Kenner, Louisianna) - ** Disney Channel’s Eunetta T. Boone Comedy Writer Scholar"
Furthermore, the vice-president of "Creative Talent Development & Inclusion", Tim McNeal added:
"“The Creative Talent Development & Inclusion team is proud to launch this extremely talented group of writers into the next phase of their career. The flagship Writing Program is one of the critical ways CTDI connects creative talent to opportunities across Disney and continues to be our company’s staffing pipeline specifically for emerging, diverse TV writers. We look forward to seeing this cohort shape the next generation of producers and showrunners.”