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Discover Timken: America's Most Responsible Company | Leading in Values and Governance


The Timken Company is a worldwide powerhouse in innovative bearings and industrial motion solutions. It has unveiled in its annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, an ambitious environmental objective for 2030. Brace yourself as they set their sights on a remarkable 50% reduction in the intensity of aggregate Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this decade.
“Timken exists to develop customer-focused solutions for the world’s most challenging applications,” said Richard G. Kyle, Timken president and CEO.
“With our innovative product and service solutions, we help our customers save energy and increase efficiency. We’re leveraging our 120-plus years of specialized engineering expertise to drive sustainability in the products we make, throughout our global operations and in the industries we advance.”
With an unwavering commitment to the 2030 target, Timken's global plants are already forging ahead, investing in plant-efficiency projects, nurturing an eco-conscious mindset among associates, and laying the groundwork to procure more renewable energy as it becomes increasingly available.
But that's just the beginning. Timken's sustainable engineering process empowers their teams to unearth improvement opportunities at every stage of product development. Collaborating closely with customers, Timken pioneers optimized designs that minimize power loss, reduce consumption, extend service life, and embrace recycled materials. As a result, they proudly stand as a premier global supplier for wind turbines and solar power sites.
This year's CSR report takes you even deeper into Timken's commitment to building a brighter future. By cultivating the next generation of exceptional problem solvers and fostering resilient communities, Timken is shaping a world poised for success. From comprehensive global programs to personalized career development opportunities, the company invests in the triumph of its workforce. Moreover, Timken leads the way in communities, striving to ensure equitable access to essential resources, education, and STEM careers for citizens around the globe.
With an illustrious track record, Timken has earned the distinguished honor of being named one of "America's Most Responsible Companies" by Newsweek for two consecutive years. When it comes to upholding integrity and social responsibility, Timken stands as a shining example, setting the benchmark for excellence in corporate citizenship.
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