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Digital LifeCare Reshapes The Indian Healthcare System


Dell works closely with the government of India to provide digital solution to address the country’s healthcare support in a consistent and preventive measure.

Dailycsr.com – 27 August 2018 – According to W.H.O, nearly “two-thirds” of the Indian population are found in the rural regions, whereby imposing challenges on the delivery of “preventive healthcare” to more than “800 million remote villagers”, while seems to be a gigantic task to also keep track of patient’s record without bringing in technology.
Around “200,000 auxiliary nurse midwives”, in short ANMs, serve at the front lines of India’s rural healthcare system, as they practically manage everything between diabetes and “childbirth assistance”. The primary support of these ANMs is “a paper-based system” used for “screening, referring and tracking patients”, which leaves room for errors, thus providing hindrance to care continuity.
When it comes to the increment of non-communicable diseases, in short NCDs, such as “cancer, diabetes and heart disease”, the Indian government initiated a mission which seeks “population-based prevention, screening and management” undertaken by health worker for detecting early common NCDs.
Furthermore, Dell informs that:
“The NCD program is a key component of comprehensive primary healthcare under Ayushman Bharat, a flagship national health initiative announced by the Government of India in early 2018. Dell worked with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as its technology partner, taking on the formidable challenge of building a technology solution that would help ANMs and doctors to screen and manage NCDs, while also helping the government to standardize and automate care and record keeping. The solution also needed to have the right dashboards to enable the policymakers to use data analytics to spot health trends and needs across the country”.
Digital LifeCare, a “modern digital healthcare solution”, was designed by Dell in 2014 as a pilot initiative. For this work, Dell had partnered with “Karuna Trust”, a non-profit, from the southern state of Karnataka. In 2016, Dell was involved with the government of state, Andhra Pradesh, wherein it customised and deployed Digital LifeCare. In fact, in 2017, the company also launched the same in “seven districts” of Telengana state.
Moreover, with Tata Trusts as its partner, Dell trained thousands of ANMs along with many doctors to use Digital LifeCare for detecting NCDs. Ever since the later part of 2017, Dell is collaborating with the “Ministry of Health and Family Welfare” in India to improve on Digital LifeCare to make it suitable for “India’s 29 states and seven union territories”.
While Dell added further:
“To achieve this ambitious goal, the Dell team is working with the Ministry and partner institutions including the World Health Organization, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Council for Medical Research and National Health Systems Resource Center. The comprehensive feedback from the Ministry and experts is helping shape the design and development of a sophisticated application with referral options, reminders and workplans; protocol-based care at the primary level for assessing risk, screening, treatment and follow-up; and a unique health ID for every individual. This data, captured in an electronic health record, will enable a continuum of care over time across health facilities at all levels”.
The Prime Minister of India, himself launched the solution in the month of April 2018, and in an initial phase, the “Government health departments” throughout the country will be using this solution.